Get Over The "Almost" Relationship For Something Better

Get Over The "Almost" Relationship For Something Better

Don't worry about the person who has you crying, and look for someone who'll actually love you how they say they do.

Deanna Nicolari

We've all been there.

You meet a guy, or a girl, and you instantly hit it off.

Nothing could be better than having someone to talk to that you know you connect with.

It's cool to know that the person that you could really be falling in love with is just a text, phone call, or FaceTime call away.

Next thing you know, you just are completely consumed with each other. You're sending good morning texts, calling each other every night to just talk about whatever comes to mind, hanging out at the diner at 12am, and even hanging out with each other's friends.

But at some point, it really hits you–how much you'd like to date this person.

You know that you think about them all the time, and want them to be with you constantly, and most of us are dumb enough to just assume that they feel the same way. This is probably one of the most destructive things we can do.

Because with this assumption comes what we build this person up to be in our minds.

We'd always like to imagine that people are into us as much as we're into them, but sadly that's not always the case.

Sooner or later, you begin to realize that every time you bring up the words "relationship," or "dating," the other person doesn't have much of a response for you. And when they do have an answer, it's normally the same terrible excuse or promise of "soon."

You don't question them any further in fear of losing them, and that's how the cycle normally goes. Until one day, it doesn't go.

The other person seems to become more and more tired of you until there's complete radio silence between the both of you. You continue trying to put in an effort, but you just feel annoying. And that's normally how it ends.

Unless you're brave, you don't confront the person about what happened–instead, you look into yourself for the answer.

What was it you did? Were you too overbearing? Did you annoy them? Were you not good enough?

The sad truth is that the answer does not lie within us, but the answer is truly nowhere.

You can't have someone answer such a question who cannot answer for themselves.

I know you're feeling heartbroken, and right now it seems like you can't make it through another moment without them in your life, but you can.

The only sad thing I have to admit is that there is no set way on how to get over an almost-relationship.

Unlike a cut or a scrape, you can't just get a band-aid to put over it and wait for the healing process to do its thing.

The only piece of advice that I can offer you is that you need to realize that this isn't your fault, and you're not missing out on what could've been.

Because like the song says, "There's no such thing as what might've been, that's a waste of time, and it'll only drive you out of your mind."

Don't punish yourself because the other person's intentions were unclear. Don't beat up on yourself because the other person does not care enough about you to offer you an actual explanation for what happened.

The worst thing that you can do is blame yourself for their stupidity. If someone really wanted to be with you, they would be. They would've used their time and effort effectively, and treated you better. Simple.

You've been put through so much because of their broken promises and hurtful actions, and I want you to know that I'm proud of you for making it this far.

Having an almost-relationship is one of the hardest things to experience when growing up, and for someone to put you through that is completely heartless.

Know in your heart that you will be okay.

Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe it'll be next week or next month... I mean who knows, it could even be tomorrow.

I know you won't be that optimistic, and I know how hard it is to see past this whole thing, but behind this mess there is something beautiful waiting for you. Something better than the almost-relationship could have ever given you.

You're stronger now, and you should never settle for someone who was "almost" yours. Be with someone who is mature enough to admit how they feel, and are ready to be with you.

You will never know how many fantastic people are out there waiting for you if you're busy crying over someone who almost ruined you. Clean yourself up, stand up taller, and put your beautiful smile on. The world is yours to reach out for, and it's up to you to go out and fix things for yourself.

You did so much for someone who didn't care, which shows how much power you could have loving someone who actually does.

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