Fiction On Odyssey: The Girl Who Had An Outer Body Experience

Fiction On Odyssey: The Girl Who Had An Outer Body Experience

A girl gets hurt while jogging on the beach, but the afterlife isn't what it seems.


I lie on the cold grainy sand of the beach. The stars in the night sky bounce their light on the ocean's surface. The breeze ruffles my curly hair across my face. But my arms don't seem to work, so I leave my hair there lightly tickling my face.

As time goes on, the gloomy bright night slowly fades into dark blue; the stars disappearing as if the wind blew their light out one by one. The dark blue fades into a deep gray-blue. The ocean picks up its rhythm; roaring with every wave that crashes in. seagulls hover over the air above me. The first rays of light seeping from the brightening horizon. It's beautiful. The ocean looks like it's made of tiny pieces of glittering glass. The glass rises and contracts. Every second the gray-blue fades into a glorious orange. And it feels as if I'm suspended between what's real and what's not, as if the sand below me and the sky above me are only figments of my imagination.

Something wet slides down the corner of my mouth. I hear the light footsteps on the sand a few moments later, the running. Then what seems like an eternity of me watching the sun, its bright ray penetrating my body; an alarm sounds of what seems like a fire truck in the distance. The alarm grows closer, closer and closer. The next thing I know, I feel hands touching me

" She's unresponsive." A disembodied voice says somewhere above me. Something sizzles and what feels like cold blocks of the metal press against my chest. My body jerks. Sizzle jerk. Sizzle jerk. Then everything goes in technicolor. Flashes of pictures run through my mind in quick procession. Me taking my late afternoon jog. A dark figure in the distance, a hand grabbing me. A flash of silver. Blood splattering. Numbness. Me lying on the sand.

"Last time." The disembodied voice said. Sizzle jerk. The voice sighs deeply.

"She's too far gone."

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9 Things People With Toe Thumbs Can Relate To

No, you're not the only one with toe thumbs.

Yes, it's true - I have toe thumbs. If you're new to the whole phenomenon of toe thumbs, don't worry because I didn't know that this even existed until a couple of years ago. Toe thumbs are also called clubbed thumbs, stub thumbs, potter's thumbs or murderer's thumbs. The medical term is Brachydactyly Type D. To describe what toe thumbs are like, they are short, round thumbs with wide nails and they look a little like toes. Some people have only one toe thumb and a regular thumb or both thumbs are toe thumbs, like me. Here's just a few of relatable things that people with toe thumbs go through.

1. You hear the phrase, “Woah, your thumbs! Let me see them!"

When you have toe thumbs it doesn't really feel any different than people with “regular" thumbs until someone points it out and wants to get a closer look at your thumbs. This is actually strange when it happens, but I realize not a lot of people know what toe thumbs look like.

2. You always lose thumb wars.

If you have toe thumbs you understand the struggle of never winning a thumb war. You always go in with the mindset of “I'm going to win this one this time,"but then you realize that your little thumb just isn't tall enough.

3. You know which celebrities have toe thumbs.

People who have toe thumbs all know that Megan Fox and Leighton Meester have toe thumbs. They are pretty much toe thumb idols! It's always exciting to know that someone who is well known has something in common with you, especially with us toe thumb people.

4. You get excited when you find a fellow toe thumb buddy.

As a person who has toe thumbs, I always pay extra attention to other people's thumbs to see if I can find anyone else like me. Once you find someone else with toe thumbs, you're always shocked and excited to finally find someone else like you!

5. You hide your toe thumbs.

I must admit that I use to hide my thumbs from people because I knew that people would comment on them if they noticed my thumbs were a little different. People with toe thumbs can get a little self conscious about their thumbs and try to hide them in their palms.

6. You realize that your thumbs have a role in playing instruments.

If you have toe thumbs and you play an instrument that involves using your thumbs, you will totally understand the awkwardness of the role your toe thumbs play. For me, it was playing the french horn, the instrument that French special thumb trigger. My little thumb always struggled to reach that thumb trigger, but it never stopped me from playing! On the contrary, when I played the piano, I was able to move my thumbs a little faster than others.

7. You look at certain activities differently.

There are activities that involve using your thumbs that people with toe thumbs look at differently. Let's just say that texting can be a little bit more work when you have toe thumbs, especially with an iPhone 6 Plus. Bowling is a struggle when you you're trying to find a ball that fits your small thumbs. Let's not forget the video game controllers. Finding ways to have your thumbs reach from one button to the next is not as easy for us.

8. You have to contemplate giving someone a thumbs up.

Your thumbs are so small that when you give someone a thumbs up, they probably won't be able to see that you're giving them a thumbs up. This causes you to think whether giving someone a thumbs up is even worth it.

9. You are proud of your toe thumbs.

Yes, there are times when you just don't like your thumbs, but then there are other times when you love them! Don't be ashamed of your thumbs because at the end of the day this is part of who you are. Don't be afraid to give someone a thumbs up or hold someone's hand. Be proud of your toe thumbs because not everyone has them!

Cover Image Credit: Buzzfeed

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The Complicated Love-Hate Relationship I Have With My Body

We all have times where we look in the mirror and either love or hate what we see.


People are always saying how you should love yourself just the way you are. You should embrace yourself and feel beautiful in your own skin. There are times that I do. Times where I step up and say this is me, this is who I am. However, there are also times where I look at myself and say, this is not me, this is not who I want to be.

I've always had a love-hate relationship with my body. I go days where I feel good about myself and love who I am no matter what. Then I go days where I hate everything I see and want to hide away from everyone. I just can't seem to find a middle ground.

Sure you can make plans to change yourself, but even then, I feel like you'll always see a flaw. My body has changed from time to time, but no matter what, I always find something to hate. I just can't seem to find the confidence in myself to accept who I am. I wish that I could.

I wish I was someone who could love who they are.

I try my hardest to respect my body. I've told myself that I'll work hard to keep it healthy. I made a promise that once my current spine injury has healed that I'll work harder to get where I want to be. To work hard towards loving myself more often than hating myself.

It's a dangerous mindset to have, the hate sometimes consuming you. I also struggle with bipolar disorder, so when I'm in a depressive phase and hating my body things get dark. I feel disgusting and I just wish I could tear pieces of my body away.

You turn away from mirrors, you try to wear clothes that hide the things you don't like, sometimes when you catch an angle of yourself that's particularly bad you just stand there staring, hating it all.

Then you walk with your shoulders back and your head held high. You wear clothes that make you feel cute and you don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You love yourself and decide to be happy.

This constant yo-yo of a relationship is exhausting.

The hardest for me is looking at pictures growing up. Looking back on the way my body changed and trying to pinpoint where things went wrong. Seeing a picture and thinking, 'look how good I look there.' It doesn't even matter if it's a happy memory. If my picture captured a really good moment. All I can focus on is what I look like.

My fear is that these thoughts will never change. I can learn new tricks to help me stay positive. Learn new ways to love myself. Even if I change things, that there truly will always be something I don't like. It hurts to look at yourself in a mirror and only see something gross staring back at you.

To not see yourself, to only see everything you don't like. It makes you want to crawl into your skin. You don't want anyone to see you in fear that they might see the same thing.

When the confidence comes I savor everything moment I have of it. I take pictures, I like to go out, I live my life as a happy me. I try to hold on to that love I have. To remind myself that I am OK. That I can love myself, but that it's also OK to not like some things. I don't have to find every piece of me perfect because no one is perfect. We all have flaws, it's just about learning to accept those flaws as a piece of who we are.

I know that this love-hate relationship will always be there, but I will always be there to try and fight it. I will work hard towards finding that confidence inside myself and let it shine. We all deserve to see the beauty we have, that no matter how bad seems, there are parts of us that are beautiful.

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