Our Willingness To Wait Reveals The Value We Place
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Our Willingness To Wait Reveals The Value We Place

"He who loves with purity considers not the gift of the lover, but the love of the giver"

Our Willingness To Wait Reveals The Value We Place

But it is easy. Easy to give them pieces of yourself. Your sweet comments, your attention, your touches, your heart. Slowly but surely you have given all that you have to offer. In the moment, it is exactly what you want. In the moment, they are the person that you can’t see yourself living without, until you do. Next thing you know it is over and you are left with a feeling of emptiness that you haven’t felt before. It shouldn’t be this way, because they weren’t what completed you right? I have always said that God is who did that. But why do I feel so empty?

That is, until the next “potential” comes along. They say they are not like the last. They are much better than the ones before. But then it happens again. It leaves me feelings a little more used each time. Maybe I’ve never crossed “that line”, but what about the other lines? The lines that aren’t as clearly drawn out for us?

Waiting. It seems like a curse more than a blessing. But I want you to dwell on this verse, “She [wife] brings him [husband] good and not evil all the days of her life.” Proverbs 31:12. We, as wives, are supposed to do good for our husbands all the days of our lives. And men, as husbands, are supposed to do the same. Not just the days after we meet them. Not the days after we decide to wait for them. ALL the days of our lives. That means yesterday, today, every day before and after. How are we supposed to do that? If we were to have our future spouse with us today, and let’s say for the sake of argument they can read our minds, what would we do differently? I don’t know about you, but that changes things for me. All of the sudden that guy walking by doesn’t seem as attractive. Meaningless flirting seems like a waste of time. Looking around at all the potentials isn’t necessary.

Ladies and gents, purity goes much deeper than the physical stuff. Purity is your thoughts, your words, and your actions. Don’t give them away just because you’ve met a potential. Guard your heart. More specifically, let God. It may make you feel strong to say that you have put the pieces back together. That you have patched it up with some Band-Aids and put a barbed wire fence around your heart. But eventually you will give your future spouse this heart of yours. It will be battered and bruised and although they may respect it, you will want to offer more than you have left. The good news is, giving your heart to Jesus means that He will not only patch it up, but make it new. He will guard it and it will be cherished like no one on earth can ever accomplish. And when the day comes that God brings you that special someone, you can give them a heart that is polished and new. A heart that is strong and ready for any battle that it has to face in the future. Isn’t that the kind of heart you want to give away?

But when? If we give our hearts to God and we aren’t looking to see if this next person is the right one, how will we know? Have peace in this, you do not have to do it alone. This life that God has given us is not meant to be figured out all by your lonesome self. God has placed a team around you. People that are there to love and support you even in the awkward times of relationships. Confide in them. Confide in God. I promise you, He will not let the one you are meant to be with get away.

Above all, remember these things. First, no man or woman will give you the completeness you desire like God can. Second, God may bless us with the love of a husband/wife, but that doesn’t mean we need it. Last, but not least, purity is a rarity. It is beautiful. It’s desirable. And it is never too late for Jesus to make you as white as snow.

How can anyone stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word. – Psalm 119:9

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