Our Bodies Are An Ecosystem

Our Bodies Are An Ecosystem

After presenting on the topic of the human microbiome in my Bio class this past fall, and recently tuning into a podcast on the subject of the organisms that make up 50% of our bodies, I could not help myself from writing about our coral reef like bodies, and sharing my knowledge with you.


Our bodies are an ecosystem. We are 50% organism, 50% human. The microbiome, is the collection of microorganisms that reside within and on our bodies. Our microbiomes play a huge part in human health and diseases. In fact, the two places with the largest amount of mircrobial communities on Earth are soil and our very own human gut. WOW right?! Who knew we were home to trillions of these organisms! Majority of them are bacteria, good bacteria! And they are essential to our lives. They have their own communities within our gut, like the bacteria along our epithelial wall that maintains our gut barrier. They also help us go to the bathroom much more easily, help direct where and what the things we consume go, along with countless other duties to maintain the health of our bodies. Without the microbes and bacteria in our bodies, we simply would not exist.

Fun fact: Similar to how our parents genes are passed down to us, our mothers pass down our microbiomes to us too! This process occurs via the placenta into the womb, and is called "seeding." Cool, right?

What's important about our bodies being so similar to that of an ecosystem, is that we have control over how we take care of it, how we can help it thrive. The choices we make as to what we are putting in our bodies, directly affects the structure, function and integrity of every cell in our body, especially our microbiome. You are constantly rebuilding and repairing your body, just from the things you are eating.

As consumers, it is incredibly important to know where your food is coming from, and how it affects your body. Do your research, read your labels! The more plant based your diets are, the more your body and the planet will benefit from the healthier change you make.

And remember, you truly are what you eat.

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