My Thoughts On The Couples After Bingeing 'Love Is Blind' On Netflix
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My Thoughts On The Couples After Bingeing 'Love Is Blind' On Netflix

"Is love really blind? Stay tuned for next episode."

My Thoughts On The Couples After Bingeing 'Love Is Blind' On Netflix
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Is love really blind? I heard that quote so many times throughout this.

The main couples gave me so much emotional whiplash. Here are my thoughts on this roller coaster of a show. Obviously, if you haven't watched the entire series yet, don't read.

Kelly and Kenny

Let's get this couple out of the way, they were the most boring couple on the show in my opinion. There was nothing interesting about their relationship.

I always forgot they even existed for like half the show. They have nothing, it's the most boring relationship with no drama or excitement. It was like two stale pieces of toast.

They were interesting on their own when they were communicating with their friends or in solo interviews. Just not together.

Amber and Barnett

This one threw me for a loop. I honestly thought that Amber struck me as the "I'm not like other girls" trope but in real life. And then Barnett was super interested in everyone else but then chose Amber?

I thought they weren't going to work out at first. But I saw how they've worked out issues on screen. But when Amber dropped the bomb of how she's out of work and in debt (but who isn't?) I got nervous for Barnett, because that's a lot to take in.

And the last-minute cold feet made me truly think this wouldn't happen, but it did. I may not like Amber personally but I respect her for what she had to put up with and how she dealt with it.

Lauren and Cameron

Beautiful. Stunning. Showstopping. They were my favorite when they had their moment in their pods. Their relationship was so human.

The nervousness they bought felt, the difficulties of being in an interracial couple, the struggle of dating outside of your race, and the conversations they had where they talked about real issues and expectations they had before coming into this experiment.

Maybe I saw myself in Lauren's shoes since it's so likely for me to be in an interracial relationship. But I thought they were so genuine with everything and I was here for them.

Seeing them makes me believe in love.

Gigi and Damian

When I talked about getting whiplash from this show, it was 99.99 percent from them.

Gigi was wild, emotionally. She was so volatile with her words. The time when she said the sex isn't that great. I literally had to pause it because I gasped for the next five minutes and couldn't recover honestly. And then when she would start arguments or jump to conclusions? Insane.

I'm surprised at how level headed Damian was. I'm truly glad they are still together and knew they needed to spend more time together before the marriage. The reaction Gigi had when he said no was INTENSE. But that's reality TV for you, baby.

Carlton and Diamond

They didn't last through the entire show, but they still got engaged after the pods which is why I'm talking about them. I was happy because we need more melanin in these white-centric love shows. But when Carlton had those solo interviews I knew the news he was going to drop, just didn't know when.

I'm bisexual myself so it's always a conversation to bring up. I hated the way Diamond reacted because that's one of my biggest fears.

I understand why Carlton was hesitant about this, every coming out conversation could easily be your last. This is not to say that I blame Diamond to be quite honest.

She wanted a relationship where he could be open about it upfront and to be honest with each other. But I'm glad they were able to work it out in the reunion.

Jessica and Mark

We all knew that Jessica was not that into him. I truly believe that she only said yes in the beginning because she desperately wanted to be married and essentially got dumped by Barnett.

She was never as into him as he was with her, even after getting over Barnett. We all saw their ending, everyone but Mark. She kept bringing up what could go wrong, expecting the worst reactions from everyone in your life. I understand age plays a big factor, there's a difference between 14 and 24-year-old dating.

But their age difference was 24 and 34. I get that 20s are exciting, I'm in my 20s right now. But he was dedicated to giving away everything and so much more to her only for not to commit to him. I'm sorry for both of them as this tested them so much.

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