An Open Letter To My Chacos, As The Weather Turns Cold

An Open Letter To My Chacos, As The Weather Turns Cold

... I refuse to believe it's getting too cold to wear you.

Dear Beloved Chacos,

The time of year has come again. December is here, and so is the cold weather. Since I live in the fairly warm state of North Carolina, I can somewhat get away with wearing you for about 7-8 months of the year. Sadly, with hot chocolate sales rising, Christmas lights popping up all around, and the threat of final exams looming in the background, it's time to retire you for the winter.

You and I have hung out more times that most of my friends and family, and you've been with me through thick and thin. This is a thank you letter to you, my beloved Chacos. I am counting down the days until it gets warm enough to wear you again.

Thank you for getting me through those hot as hades summer months. You never get hot, and you let my feet breathe way better than sneakers. Without you, I would have had to bring 6 different pairs of shoes to summer camp. I never have to worry about you falling off during various activities. You are amazing in the water, hiking, or just chilling around town.

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Thank you for being a fashion statement, and the perfect picture opportunity. I will proudly wear you around campus and sport Chacos tans all winter. You are really the most versatile shoe of all time. I can customize every inch of you, and make you mine.

Dearest Chacos, you really are my favorite pair of shoes. Do not worry, you will always have a permanent place in my shoe rack, and when you eventually give out, I will spend the money to repair you. I refuse to believe December is here and I have to spend 4 months away from you.

So Chacos, thanks. Enjoy your mini-retirement and I'll see you in April.

Love Always,


Cover Image Credit: Chacos / Instagram

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7 Things In My School Bag That Help Me Get Through Life

On-the-go means always condensing.

If you read a lot of my work or know me in person, you'll know I'm pretty much always on the go. As a result, my bag has to be able to pack enough to get me through a day - which usually consists of 2-3 locations, yet is compact enough to not be a burden to carry or place on public transport. So if you'd like to get to know me better by learning what all I am somehow able to stuff in my purse, keep reading.

1. Wallet

Obviously an essential, I have recently purchased a smaller, more compact wallet, slightly bigger than the dimensions of the cards I put in it, like the one pictured above. I previously had more traditional, normal sized wallet which had space to carry cash, but I found myself wanting to consolidate and minimize the weight in my handbag.

2. iPhone

Another essential, obviously, but don't be like me and actually do remember to carry a portable charger!

3. Whichever book I'm reading

Despite just complaining about a heavy bag, I can never not carry reading material around. I'm constantly on-the-go, which means a large part of my day is spent on public transportation or waiting around after arriving at my destination early. Instead of draining my phone of its limited battery - again, I never remember my chargers - I got into the habit of carrying books around, and wouldn't have it any other way.

4. Planner & pen

Mostly so I can keep track of what day it is, if I'm being honest. It sounds like a cliche, but I'd be truly lost without it, and everything in it.

5. Laptop & charger

A school and work essential, as every student knows. Even though these take up the most amount of space, I pack around them as they're obviously the priority.

6. Makeup

Honestly, the pile of loose lipsticks, chapsticks, and other products tend to accumulate in a debris sort of way on the bottom of my bag. Occasionally I may find a compact, travel size perfume, or mascara in there as well. In terms of other beauty essentials, I also tend to carry around a hair clip, just in case.

7. Keys

As the direct the opposite of what I did with my wallet, I try to maximize space with my keys though. In order to make sure they don't fall to the bottom and take five minutes of rummaging to find, I've attached a giant faux fur ball so I don't even need to look for them, just feel around. I also attach hand sanitizer to my keychain because as I mention, I'm always taking public transportation.

More or less, I've over time to just pack the essentials. I used to have a much more crowded and densely packed bag, but now that I've made time to routinely clean out my bag, I can make sure I'm not strained and carrying around unnecessary items, and more importantly, that I'm making space for the stuff I need and frequently use.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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Not Enough Of Us Get Rid Of Our Old Makeup And Frankly, It's A Nasty Habit

You know you've had that blush for years.

When you grow up as a girl, you’re aware that you’re going to reach many different milestones during the course of your life. Even just as a teen, you’ll have to get used to adapting to new things.

As kids, we loved having our hair tied back in our favorite scrunchies and jamming out to our favorite music in mismatched clothes, but then the day comes when you realize you’re not a kid anymore. That’s usually when we’re first introduced to makeup.

It’s a terrifying and thrilling experience. You may have snuck some lipstick and probably put on too much eyeshadow as face paint for a make-believe game.

Now that you’re an adult, you have a makeup bag of your own — and you know how to use it.

Although you’re good at applying it, have you thought about when to replace the makeup you rely on? At some point, you’ll have to throw out what you have and buy new stuff, but maybe if you just don’t think about it too much, it’ll never happen.


It’s a terrible habit.

You should be in the habit of replacing your makeup. Otherwise, you’re running the risk of getting an infection. So what if you used to use that makeup tube to prepare for job interviews back in college?

It’s not your lucky charm, and you won’t feel the same way if you swipe some on one morning and spend the afternoon at the ophthalmologist getting your swollen eyes checked out.

Have you ever tried to find out what happens when old makeup goes on your skin? Even powdered makeup can be a breeding ground for bacteria over time, so when you dab it on your face, that bacteria gets pushed into your pores and causes irritations and acne.

There’s no point in wearing old makeup if it’s only going to make your skin bad. That leads to using more makeup and the cycle repeats.

Know when to toss your makeup.

When you’re supposed to toss your makeup depends on what you’re using. Some ladies like to go all in with lotions, contouring and false eyelashes. Others swipe on mascara in the morning and they’re good to go.

Check out this list and see what you use, and then write down when you should throw items out if you know you won’t remember when the time comes.

  • Mascara should be a top priority when it comes to replacing makeup. There’s too much damage that can be done to your eyes if you don’t throw it out. You should replace your mascara every three months, or four times a year to prevent bacteria from making a home inside the tube you use.
  • Eyeliner is another dangerous thing to keep around for too long. It can get down in the crevasses between your eyelashes and do some real damage. It has the same shelf life of mascara, which is easy to remember. Get new eyeliner every three months and you’re good to go.
  • Liquid foundation and powder foundation are about the same, too. While bacteria have an easier time making a home in the liquid foundation, they both have daily contact with your skin and should be thrown out once a year to every 18 months so your skin can stay fresh and clean.
  • Lipstick is easy to forget to replace because it’s so easy to take for granted if it’s part of your daily routine. The good news is that lipstick is meant to hold up over time, so the preservatives in it won’t break down for at least a year. Once it starts getting hard, it’s time for a new one.
  • Sponges are what you really need to be concerned about if you use them to apply makeup. They need to be tossed once a month, so you might even want to work out a budget for them. Thankfully, if you’re stretched for cash, you can find them pretty cheap at any drugstore.

Don’t worry about replacement costs.

Yes, makeup is expensive, but it’s priced high for a reason. Each product is thoroughly researched and put through trials so they’re safe and effective for anyone to use.

In the meantime, try to prolong the freshness of your products by looking at the care directions on the back of the package. Storing what you need in a cool, dry place will keep bacteria from spreading if you don’t know where to put your makeup bag.

Otherwise, research what you have on the brands’ websites and consult their customer service for specific questions.

You’ll find that after you learn what you need to know, taking care of your makeup will become second nature.

Cover Image Credit: Rawpixel

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