Open Letter From The Thick Part Of A Relationship
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Open Letter From The Thick Part Of A Relationship

Be Prepared For More Thicks of Life Versus Thins

Open Letter From The Thick Part Of A Relationship

It's simple to say that relationships are a mess. You are learning all about a person whom you have never known intimately, not to mention balancing your life with theirs. Sometimes they are not the easiest to read and you have to result in playing a game of trial and error. If you say something wrong, you might set off an emotional landmine. If you aren't used to emotional ups and downs, being in a relationship can be a painful awakening.

In short, being in love bites.

Don't get me wrong, being in a relationship has been one of the best things I've allowed happen to me. It's a touching feeling to know that if you ever need someone to talk to at all hours of the night and not be afraid to kiss them. It's important that you feel a connection with whoever you decide to give your heart to. Not to mention all the songs that you will dedicate each other. The ecstasy of love is something that I wish everyone has a chance to experience. To wake up in the morning with a smile and say "What a wonderful day to be alive!"

In that aspect, it's key to know that your heart will be broken at one point or another. No, it won't be shattered as other people have proclaimed for ages. I personally have known couples to have never broken up and stay content with the other.

If you do experience heartbreak, it will be in the littlest ways possible, in which you thought it would never bother you. Like how something will come up and it subconsciously bothers your soul until the subject is brought up in a later manner. You'll put off the feeling and mask it with an array of colors and aromas, but it'll still hurt.

If you're in one of those magical relationships where you literally spill your guts to each other every second of every day and see this not to be an issue, props to you. You're probably as common as a unicorn. As for the rest of humanity, we have to deal with how we want to portray ourselves to the ones we love, especially when we don't want them to know that we have been disappointed.

The last thing that we want to be perceived as is weak or too sensitive. I've gone my entire life being told that I have no backbone and I react too much to the littlest things. It messed me up on various levels, to the point where I cannot say what actually is going though my mind unless I have hit complete rock bottom depression.

Now that I've talked in a gigantic circle, what really was my point? I suppose in my own twisted vision, I tried to put as much wisdom as I could in the fact that days can get gloomy. So to the child I once was: love is a lot like life. It will have ups and downs and you'll be expected to be resilient. Just please go in with every relationship with not only an open heart, but with an open mind and opened eyes.

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