An Open Letter To My Favorite Stuffed Animal
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An Open Letter To My Favorite Stuffed Animal

A letter to a fuzz ball that became my best friend.

An Open Letter To My Favorite Stuffed Animal

Dear Chilly,

You are my best friend. You have been there for me since day one. Each and every night you are waiting for me to hug and cuddle with open paws. You where my first friend and a true friend.

When I was around the age of five, you came home in a big bag full of stuffed animals and clothes from a family friend and it was love at first sight. I chose you out of the rest of the stuffed animals I saw and wanted to keep you for my own.

I remember my first surgery I had and I took you with me. I was about 7 and you where in the hospital bed with me and when I went under for anesthesia and then when I woke up you where right there for me. That was just the start of many hospital visits that you went with me to be my buddy with every visit.

When I was under ten, I used to get this horrible virus every summer when I would throw up every hour on the hour. I would try to go back into bed, watching a cartoon and bundle up with you in my arms. However, it just kept happening until I went to the hospital. I also remember how you came with me when I had my first allergic reaction and I had to be rushed to the hospital. Even to this day, when I have to go to the doctor's office I still make sure I take you with me when I go get my flu shot at 20 years old.

Another thing that you have always been a part of is when I went all throughout school, from 3rd grade to middle school to high school and I even have you here at my dorm at 20 years old. I remember many nights when I would fall asleep with you in my arms and wake up without you there. I would be so scared that you had run away and found another best friend to be with.

You have been there for me since day one. When I thought no one was my friend, or I had no one to play with you would always be up for a game of hide and seek or to watch a movie or to simply cuddle. I also remember how you have been my pall when I would fall asleep crying because I lost a friend, or when I would have a fight with one of my friends. Most importantly you where there for me to hug and cuddle with when my ex boyfriend would fight and I would cry till I fell asleep hugging you or when he he broke up with me and previous relationships I had.

You, a little fuzz ball who came home in a giant plastic bag along with a bunch of other childrens clothing and other stuffed animals, became my favorite stuffed animal. The one I would read stories to. The one I tell all my secrets too. And most importantly, the one who will always be there for me for the rest of my life.



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