To Spring Cleaning Your Space

An Open Letter: To Spring Cleaning Your Space

An open letter to cleaning your space for more reason than it just being a chore. May it also cleanse you spiritually!

To Spring Cleaning Your Space:

Hey readers! This week's open letter is inspired by the arrival of (finally!) spring. Now, the title may sound a bit cliché but I guarantee you that "cleaning your space" has more to do with your spiritual than it does who comes over for dinner and sees clutter (though that is also important!).

I thought about what things in my own space cause me to feel out of sorts. It comes down to how much I've managed to keep without throwing anything out. It's a direct correlation to our spiritual.

Someone kept telling me for years how a change in decluttering your space can also do the same for your vibes. Weather alone can only do so much. I (finally!) decided to take a chance and go through a lot of things in my room. And like magic, I felt calmer.

I could remember asking myself constantly, "Do I need this? Why not?"

This helped to create a sense of control on what "made" my space and what didn't.

It also, in a strange way, allowed me time to realize that some items symbolized what was important to me now versus what was important to me in the past. Later, I would acknowledge that "spring cleaning" actually worked for my internal energies.

Life is busy and filled with less opportunity to get everything done that we want to, but even setting aside a day to declutter your space can make the difference. In no way, shape, or form, should you clean your space in bulk; begin one room at a time.

The most important thing I want my readers to take away from this letter: clean your home, but also pay attention to how it changes your mood. You should clean your space regularly, but I hope it changes your approach to other challenges in life as well. Ask yourself, "By keeping this, will it help me?"

I used to clean just to get it done because it had to be done, but cleaning is a more meaningful task. It does something positive to me spiritually. I encourage everyone to see if it helps you too.



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