Real Steps To Cleaning Your Room & Actually Getting It Done
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7 Steps That'll Help You Clean Your Room And Keep It In Tip-Top Pristine Shape

Cleaning your room is such a hassle and take forever to actually get done, if it ever does.

7 Steps That'll Help You Clean Your Room And Keep It In Tip-Top Pristine Shape

I hate cleaning my room. I feel like it takes forever for me to find the motivation to get up and do it because the overall act of cleaning your room is so overwhelming. I sat down with my friends and had a discussion about how they cleaned their rooms and what they felt like the most important things were for them.

Having a list of things to do to clean your room can make it all seem a lot less stressful because you're taking it step by step instead of thinking of it all at once. Here are some basic steps and you'll have your room in pristine condition in no time.

1. Remove everything from your room that isn't supposed to be in it.


Gather up all the things that do not actually belong in your room and take them out of your room. This includes anything you typically keep in your living room, laundry room, bathroom or kitchen. So yes, those dirty dishes and towels that you have thrown around your room need to get put back to where they belong.

2. Put your laundry that is all over your floor, into the hamper


All those clothes that you have laying on your floor aren't helping the overall status of your room. Begin your cleaning journey by putting all the dirty clothes you have into your hamper. Already have clean clothes in your hamper that you haven't put away yet? Dump those onto your bed, that's a later problem, but for now, focus on getting those dirty clothes off of your floor.

3. Throw away the garbage around your room.


That cardboard and plastic wrap siting on your bedside table from the snack you had three days ago has got to go! All of the disposable things in your room that never made it to the trash can are ready to go in there and get out of your room. That way all the garbage in your room is eliminated and you don't feel like you're drowning in trash.

4. Put all the things on your desk in the right place


I wish cleaning my desk was this easy. I use my desk for EVERYTHING, so it always seems to become a disaster zone quickly. Put away all those pens, pencils, papers, books and whatever else you find strewn along your desk. Having a clean desk will make you feel like you accomplished something and that your room is actually coming together.

5. You know those clean clothes we talked about? It's time


I know, I know. This is the worst part about cleaning your room but it has to be done. So, buckle up, grab those hangers and get ready to fold like your life depends on it. Once you are done with this it is the home stretch, I promise. Just think about how pretty and full your closet and drawers will look once you have all your clothes back in there.

6. Make your bed


I know I've talked about making your bed in other articles and I'm going to stress it again. It makes your room look finished and put together. This is something that I think everyone needs to do. If you've gotten this far in your cleaning process and it still looks dirty, try making your bed and that should fix most of the issue. It finishes the whole room and ties it together.

7. Lastly, some optional other steps to make your room feel super clean


Some other things you can do to make your room feel extra clean are simple things like wiping down your walls and vacuuming the floor. You never know what might come off and it will make your room feel so much more put together. If you're feeling really adventurous, you could even clean your windows and dust your furniture.

Well, these are the steps that I have been taking and my room has never been cleaner. It makes me feel so put together to come home to a clean bedroom. Yes, there are times where it gets super messy because I know I'm too lazy to clean every day, but once a week makes me feel like I'm really doing well. I hope your room gets clean and this made it a little easier because I know how much of a struggle it can be. Happy cleaning!

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