Dear Angry Patron … No…

Dear Emotional Detracted Member … No…

Dear Senseless Passer … No…

Dear Indignant Cold Blooded People,

Why do you shame supposed lesser people? Why are we lesser? What is your definition of lesser? Is it those who don’t meet your physical quo? Is that why I’ve been mocked? Is that why a member yelled at me the other day?

Is it because your narrow-minded? Weak? Arrogant? Self-absorbent?

Yes, this wouldn’t be the first time a customer yelled at me. This would be the first time a member sought me out while I wasn’t working, but while I was leaving the gym.

Even though you're a stranger, it’s still considered verbal abuse.

It wasn’t even about any of the regulations that were in place, no, you sought out a stranger who just so happened to work at the gym. You sought out someone you thought you could hurt.

It was probably simple for you to find someone you thought would break down right in front of you.

You wished death on me.

‘Unbelievable, someone like you goes here, you don’t deserve a chance.’

I was stunned speechless, someone was doing this to me, so, of course, I didn’t answer you.

‘Lazy, young, unappreciated, fat ass.’

… Umm excuse me, I just came out of a gym and how young do you think I am? There’s no way you’re more than five years older then me and fat ass?! I’m a human, I’m not all fat my ass might be but that’s besides the point, I’m pretty healthy…

I wish I could have said that to you. I wish I could have made it seem like it didn’t hurt me, that I could have rubbed it off. I was so tired of all these run-ins I’ve had this year, the mocking the laughing, all these encounters. I was so tired from it all.

Stuff like that never use to bug me, I use to be able to shrug it off.

The world finally broke me.

I don’t even know if you said anything more. All I remember thinking was, I wish he would lay a hand on me. Then I would have had a reason to sock him.

That was what I got broken down to, distress enough to wish for violence because I couldn’t speak up to defend myself.

I finally broke, I let you win.

Dear Angry Detracted Senseless people,

You finally made me cry after fifteen years of insults.

From, the ones who will get right back up and become stronger.

The thing is it took me so long to break that next time something like this happens I feel like I can speak up or walk away before it even starts.

I could list reasons after reasons on why he did this or why anyone has done this but they would be excuses. But the truth is the pathetic excuses exist in millions of people. And there is probably a good portion of people who reading this who have had this happened.

There will always be people who think that the ideal body only comes in one size and yeah, we all have insecurities because of it. But it doesn’t mean that we break easily and it sure as hell doesn’t mean we can’t feel emotions or even if we can’t defend ourselves in one form of another.

I guess it caught me by surprise, I have regular civil conversations with the members all the time and then for this member to speak unkindly about me without knowing me. Needless to say, it was highly unusual is an understatement.

I’m writing this to remind you and myself that you can only get stronger. The fact that you walked away from encounters similar to mine and continued on to the next day means you were better than them.

The best thing you can do is smile and walk away, never give them the pleasure of breaking you, making them feel accomplished. Be better than them, when they insult you never sink to their level and know you’re not alone. There are people around you to help you. You are and always should be the better person.