Three weeks after I stopped eating meat, I woke up craving Wendy's chicken nuggets, and I wondered if the cravings would eventually cease. I stopped eating meat for many reasons, most of them personal and health related, but I can't deny that the condition of factory farms and the presence of hormones in meat played a part as well.

But the point of this article is neither to point out all of the injustices that take place within the walls of a factory farm, nor to bore you with information about hormones and humane practices. No, the point of this article is to call out those people who think that what I eat and don't eat affects them in any way. The people who say "ew" when they hear the word vegetarian. Because if you're really that grossed out by the idea of being vegetarian, fork over your mac and cheese, I'll gladly eat it all for you.

And I know, the counter-argument is going to have something to do with vegetarians who get preachy, who decide to shout to the world the aforementioned injustices and inhumane practices of factory farming, but are you really any better if you're someone who automatically responds, "That's so gross. Meat is the best. Meat, meat, meat." The answer is no, you are not.

The truth of the matter is that being a vegetarian is a choice, a choice people make for many reasons. Being an asshole is also a choice, and I implore you, before you berate my eating habits, before you deem them "gross" or "rabbit food," please take the high road and make the choice not to be an asshole.