An Open Letter To The Mets

Dear Metropolitans,

For over a century, Cubs fans have watched year after year pass without a single World Series win. On Wednesday night, that changed for those fans forever. Generations have come and gone without a Cubs win. There's a beautiful story going around of a man whose father became a fan of the Cubs during World War II and passed away before the Cubs could win a World Series, so the son sat at his grave and listened to the Cubs win with him. There are children who will remember forever the day their parents said "The Curse was broken" and flew the W for all to see. The city of Chicago is living their best lives right now.

I really want to be happy for them, and I am. But I'm going to be super honest, all I'm thinking of is how much I want that for us. Mets, you've been my favorite team since I was born. There's a 3 foot tall Mr. Met Bobblehead in my room and a Mike Piazza cut out next to it. I learned how to make sorority letters so that I could make letters with your logo on them. I stayed up until 4 am in Ireland just to watch your games live. You are my team and I love you.

But guys, we gotta talk: what's wrong with you? The Cubs won and we barely made it to the playoffs? And then we got out the first game? What is happening? Come on guys! We made it so far last year. I was there the night we won a World Series game. We could have taken it all. We could have. And you lost it. You just lost it. And then this year, it's our 30 year anniversary, and what do you do? BLOW IT AGAIN!!! Look, I love baseball but I don't understand enough about stats to tell you exactly where you went wrong, you just did.

But here's some other issues I have with you: you hired Tim Tebow. I'm not even going to go into this but you know what you did. You let Jose Reyes come back even though he is an abuser and a horrible human being. You DIDN'T MAKE IT TO THE SERIES ON THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF OUR LAST WIN EVEN THOUGH YOU SAID THIS WAS YOUR YEAR. I could go on and on but I won't, I just want you to know how disappointed I am in you right now. Noah, I'm not dissapointed in you, I'm writing our wedding invitations as we speak, but the rest of you need to sit and think about what you've done and how to make it up to your fans next year.

Mets, I will bleed blue and orange until I die. I'll get married outside of Citi Field. But instead of us flying the W next year, could we raise the Big Apple? Instead of "Hey Chicago What Do You Say" could we sing "Meet the Mets"? Instead of blue and red, can it please just once in my lifetime be blue and orange? This is the Cubs' year, but next year, Mets? Can we please make it ours?


David Wright can't play anymore so I cry myself to sleep at night

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