To The Loud Girl

To The Loud Girl

I get it, you are a lot to handle.

Dear Loud Girl,

I get it, you are a lot to handle. You are loud, confident, proud and up-front. You don't fear letting others know your opinion on things, whether it be as controversial as politics or as simple as why you prefer Taco Bell over Taco John's. In high school, it is super hard to sometimes be yourself, but in the end, you let it all shine through. You get called annoying and bossy, but you’re the natural-born leader type and take full advantage of it. You have no problem making the final decision when people can’t seem to decide, and you still have to take the heat when someone isn’t a fan of what is being done. You learn to take it with a grain of salt and move past the snarky comments. Sometimes, you like to think what it would be like if you just kept your mouth shut when someone says something you disagree with, but then who would you really be? You wouldn’t be you at all.

Some people would never believe it, but you have a huge heart. All you want to do is help people and make the world a better place. When you love, you love with all of your heart. Yes, you don’t hold back your opinions and sometimes they do come off as rude, but you don’t mean to. Your voice doesn’t exactly know how to hold back and sometimes the harsh tones seep through. You truly do wish someone would give it a try and see just how amazing and caring you are. And, when they finally do take a chance on you, they will realize that you are a one-of-a-kind type of girl.

"Girls like me have too much to offer, too much to offer"- Grace

It has taken some time, but you know that that is the truth. You find yourself apologizing for the resting bitch face. You don't always smile, but that doesn't mean you are unhappy. You aren't always super peppy and upbeat, but everyone has their days!

You enter a room and can start a conversation with anyone. You are bubbly and contagious, and people know that. They can feel your energy and the mood changes because of your actions. You are influential and you do understand that. Keep that up throughout your life, it will take you to far places. Remember to take control of your influence in positive ways. Try to smile more, laugh a lot.

As a loud girl, things can get wild. It could be 8 am on a Saturday and your mother is shushing you because you are basically yelling (not telling) the story about your dream. You ramble on and on, mainly due to the fact that you enjoy conversation. You sing at the top of your lungs over the top of the radio, regardless of how high you have the radio turned up. And guess what, there is nothing wrong with how loud you are. Your friends know that if they need to find you, they just have to listen for your laugh. It’s contagious. Your teachers know that if something needs to be announced to the masses, you can get everyone's attention. And, leading the cheering for sporting events is definitely your job. Do NOT ever quiet down, not for anyone, ever. Be loud and be proud girl!

Sincerely yours,

A Loud Girl
Cover Image Credit: Savanah Smiles Photography

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Keeping Up With The Srat-dashians

No one likes to keep up.

Keeping up with the Srat-dashians

In case no one knows, “srat” is a joking work for “sorority." Enjoy the read.

So we Greeks all that one trend that starts on Srat row and we’re not sure where it started or why it started. We aren’t even sure that we like it. Actually, we know we don’t like it.

But guess what, we go along with the trend anyway. We go buy the ridiculous hair scrunchy that we saw Suzy from Apple Beta Pi wearing. We get that dumb sticker on our laptop. Why? BECAUSE WE HAVE TO KEEP UP WITH THE SRAT-DASHIANS. That’s why.

Maybe there’s that one group of girls in your chapter that clique together and gossip about everyone else and spill all the dirt they think they have one people. They’re that group that no one really wants to piss off because there’s telling what they’ll say about you.

That one group of girls that get one thousand likes on every single Instagram post. The one group that has 500 retweets on the tweet about what they are for breakfast. We have to keep up. We have to try to be that group. ... right?

Wrong. Fake news. Nada. No good. However you wanna put it. You don’t have to keep up with the Srat-dashians at all. Don’t like that new pair of shoes that came out? Don’t get em. Don’t wanna go to that huge frat house party on Thursday? Don’t go.

Who are you keeping your appearances up for? It shouldn’t be for anyone.

In my sorority, we wear all white and no makeup to ritual events. This symbolizes the fact that our sorority loves our purest self. We formally pledge to our sorority in this attire, meaning that our sorority accepted us as our truest selves before they really knew us.

Every girl is accepted into an amazing Greek affiliation because of her truest and purest self. Even if your purest self likes to wear camo crocs.

You don’t have to keep with the girls that act like they’re Kim Kardashian on sorority row.

In the very wise words of Dr. Seuss, “Be who you are and say what you feel because the people that mind don’t matter and the people that matter don’t mind.”

Cover Image Credit: Kris Jenner

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13 Pieces Of Motivation To Finish The Semester Strong And Make It To Summer

With finals approaching, look forward to summertime!

You've done it. You've made it this far. The end of the semester is almost here. It seems so close, yet so far. Exams, projects, and papers are all piling up. You feel as if you are drowning in schoolwork. And to top it off, finals are slowly creeping up. Lovely.


We are in this together people! If you are anything like me, you are trying anything possible to find any kind of motivation to get you through the next few weeks. What is motivating you to push through the rest of the semester? For me, it is thinking of everything this summer will hold. Whether you are home for the summer, traveling, have an internship, or studying abroad, I'm sure you have something you are looking forward to this summer! Here are a few things I am looking forward to that motivate me and maybe they can motivate you too!

1. No Class - DUH!

Unless you are taking an online class or summer classes, this summer should be school free! No assignments, exams, class, etc. it's going to be so nice! You can sleep whenever and however long you want! No 7:30 am class and no 8:00 pm exams. Take time to do what you want, it's all yours now.

2. Family

If you are super close to your family like I am, you are definitely looking forward to spending time with them this summer. I am extremely lucky in the fact that my family is able to come visit me often at school. I am also lucky that my older sister is here at Purdue with me. However, there is nothing like being home and all of your family is together under one roof. Being able to see your family over the summer is an amazing blessing, let that be part of your motivation!

3. Hometown Friends

Yes, we have all made incredible new friends at college. Yes, we are going to miss them so much over the summer. But what could be better than catching up with some friends from high school? I was extremely fortunate to have a wonderful group of high school friends in my hometown. Every time we get to see each other over breaks and holidays, it's as if nothing has changed. The same laughs, hugs, tears, and smiles all come back to life. I am ecstatic to be able to spend my summer in my hometown with some of my very best friends!

4. Hometown Favorites

You know that one place you look forward to going to every time you go home? Yeah, you will get to go there as much as you want! How awesome is that! Whether it is your favorite restaurant, store, ice cream shop, etc. you can go there as often as you desire. How can that not motivate you to make it through your finals?

5. Seeing Amazing Places/Things!

If you are going to be traveling at all this summer, surely you are excited to see new places and things wherever you are going! My family and I are going on a vacation this summer and I am so pumped to relax on the beach with my favorite people. Where are you going this summer? What will you see or experience?

6. Campfires

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to have campfires with my family/friends. Roasting hotdogs, marshmallows, and making smores all make me so excited for summertime! There's nothing better than having a campfire and sharing stories and memories on a warm summer night. While studying for finals and finishing projects, think of all the amazing moments you will share around a campfire with your loved ones this summer.

7. Jeeping

I don't know about you, but Jeeping with your friends in the summer is a must. If you are from a small, rural town like me Jeeping is one of your main sources of entertainment. Grab your best friends, turn up the music, and cruise around the backroads. To make it an even better time, gather some more friends who have Jeeps and start a Jeep caravan!

8. The Lake

Maybe your motivation is knowing you will soon be boating on the lake without a care in the world, I know it's part of mine! My family has a small cabin at a lake at home and we love to spend time there over the summer. We go out there to go boating, tubing, skiing, and just enjoying the lake view. I can't wait to spend time with my family, cruising over the glossy lake in the sunshine.

9. Ice Cream

Without a doubt, my dessert preference would be creamy, delicious ice cream. What is better than ice cream in the summertime?! In the summer, my friends and I love to drive around to different ice cream places, enjoying all of our favorites. One of my absolute favorite places to go is a local joint called The Dairy Barn, and enjoy an Oreo/Reece's combo "blizzard" type treat. Knowing I can get one when I am done with exams is definitely keeping me going.

10. Drive-In Movies

If you haven't been to a drive-in movie in the summertime, I highly suggest it! Grab a couple friends, pack some lawn chairs and blankets, hop in your car and get going! An outdoor movie under the stars with your friends sounds like a pretty awesome summer night to me.

11. Cook Outs

I absolutely love cooking out with my friends or family over the summer. Hamburgers, mac n cheese, fresh salad, and so much more is sure to make your mouth water. Not only is the food amazing, but spending the time together both cooking and eating is so incredibly fun! After dinner, play some games, listen to music, and enjoy the rest of the beautiful night together. I'm sure thinking of some good old cookouts will not only push you to get through the rest of the semester but will make you excited to be done eating at dining courts!

12. Hiking

If you have any good hiking trails near you, I'm sure you are excited to spend time here this summer. Whether you like to hike during a sunrise, sunset, or anywhere in between, there is sure to be a beautiful view! Especially after being cooped up at a desk with your face buried in books, a beautiful outdoor hike is just what we all need.

13. Free Time

After several months of school, clubs, jobs, meetings, etc. we finally have some free time! Even if you are working or taking classes over the summer, hopefully, you have some free time in your schedule to enjoy the summer. I am so excited to be able to relax at home and take in the sweet summertime. As you gear up for finals and push though the rest of the semester, just remember you soon have some well deserved time off coming up!

Cover Image Credit: Kathleen Messmer

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