An Open Letter To My Little Sister On Her 16th Birthday

Dear Chloe,

Its hard to believe that 16 years ago I was telling everyone I wanted to name you Tarzan and people were calling you a cute little boy in the grocery store. Its even harder for me to believe that you are turning 16 at all. I feel like 16 is so grown up and there is no way you are grown up. The scary part? You are grown up. You're not the four year old making cucumber sandwiches in front of the video camera anymore. You're not the nine year old dancing to Jay Sean with me in the living room anymore. You're driving and you're going to prom. You're taking college level classes and touring campuses that you'll attend in a few short years. You went from being my little sister to being this full fledged person.

I remember thinking that having a sister would be the coolest thing ever. My plan from day one was to make you my personal doll and my mini me. I wanted you to like everything I liked and do everything I did. However, I learned that this was not going to be the case very quickly. Fast forward to now I am very glad that my dreams didn't come true. You've grown up to be this amazing and strong person. You've turned into this person who won't budge for anyone and you've made me want to be like you. They say that the little sister will always admire the big sister but I have found that it also goes the other way around.

You have made it a pleasure the last 16 years to watch you grow up into this beautiful and smart and hysterically funny human being. I can't wait to watch you grow for the next 16 years and beyond. Thanks for keeping life funny and for always being down to get ice cream with me even though you're lactose intolerant.

Happy 16th birthday, Chlo Bear

xoxo Meg

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