Dear high school theatre kids,

Yes, I was one of you not too long ago. I want to thank you for taking the risks that you do. Yes, you read that correctly. You guys take risks every day doing what you love.

You put in more time, effort, and love into one show than any other extracurricular. Being a theatre kid means putting yourself out there for what you appreciate and love. Especially in high school where kids are not so accepting, that is a big deal.

I am sure there are kids out there who want to try what you do but are too afraid to because of what others will think. I want you to remember that. Encourage others to do what they love.

I am also really proud of you for sticking with your theatre program. It’s no secret that the funding for many arts programs is being cut, not to mention arts programs get very little funding anyway due to the high demand from sports programs. When you do theatre, you are helping the program out. You are showing others that there is a need for arts programs. Without the kids, there is no program.

Also, do I really need to mention tech week? Of course, I do. Those two words spark both excitement and fear into every one of you. No, that feeling does not go away every time it comes around. Will the show be ready? Why do I have 12 assignments due during tech week? Don’t teachers know everything that we are going through for this?

My biggest piece of advice for surviving tech week is getting everything done beforehand. Don’t wait until tech week to memorize your lines. Don’t wait until tech week to do the big history project you knew was coming up.


You all know this, but it can be difficult. Listen to your body. If you feel something coming on, STOP AND TAKE SOME EMERGEN-C. IT IS TECH WEEK AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME TO BE SICK. Do not push yourself or your voice. You will hate yourself later for it.

I am going to make you a promise.

If you stick with theatre for your entire high school career, I promise it will be the best decision you make. The friendships and bonds you make with a cast cannot be found anywhere else.

Being a part of a show is extremely rewarding. Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort. Yes, you will be tired. Yes, you will put yourself out there. Yes, the rewards outweigh the risks tenfold.

Never stop doing what you do. Be who you are. Encourage others and be kind. When you step out of that rehearsal and off of that stage, you are representing something greater than you are. Don’t take any prop, any sheet music, or any costume for granted. You are lucky to be in a program that has these resources.

Thank your directors, your choreographers, and your stage parents. Do all that you can for what you love to do.

Don’t stop.