An Open Letter To The Guy Who Hurt My Best Friend

You’re an idiot. I know that’s blunt, but it’s the absolute truth. You might not think that now because you’re talking to other girls and you have no idea what you missed out on, but one day you will realize that you hurt one of the most amazing people in the world, and you will realize that I am right and that you are a complete and utter idiot. There is no other way to put it.

I really do not like you at all. In fact, if I weren’t 2,000 miles away from you, I would be giving you an earful, because you deserve it. Heck, you probably need it because you definitely don’t have any sense. If you did, you wouldn’t have hurt her in the first place.

You hurt my best friend. And that is not OK. She has a heart of gold and has been there for me through everything and I do not enjoy her telling me that she is crying over some jerk that isn’t worth her time. In fact, it makes me so mad at you because she does not deserve to be upset while you are walking around without a care in the world and thinking everything is OK. It’s not. The way you treated her and hurt her is not OK.

Another thing that makes me mad is that I can’t be there to comfort her, or give her a ton of ice cream or tell her stupid jokes to make her laugh because not only am I 2,000 miles away from you, I’m just as far away from her. How would you feel if your friend was upset and you couldn’t do anything about it because of distance? I have a feeling you wouldn’t like it much and you wouldn’t be happy with the person who hurt them. Well that’s exactly how I feel about you.

I’m a nice person, so I’m not going to say that I hate you, but I really dislike you. You are my least favorite person on this planet, and that’s not an exaggeration. I do not care for you at all because the way you have treated my best friend is terrible. You have led her on, gotten mad at her for no reason and made her cry on more than one occasion.

She has such a big heart and she’s given you chances that you didn’t deserve because that’s just who she is, but you have just screwed her over time and time again. The fact that you have hurt her doesn’t even faze you, and that just makes me like you even less. You don’t feel badly at all for the fact that you caused her to cry or to hurt. You didn’t have to be there for the damage you caused, but I did. I have been there for her and I have helped to mend all the parts that you broke while you just walk around, with your head held high, oblivious to the fact that you have made a horrible mistake.

I would wish you the best, but I can’t. You already missed the best thing that you could have had in life, and that’s your own fault. But my best friend? She is going to find someone so much better than you one day, and I can’t wait for it to happen. I cannot wait for her to be happy and to smile because of someone else rather than crying because of you. I can’t wait to give a toast at her wedding and probably embarrass her because that’s what best friends are supposed to do.

But until she finds him, she has me. And I will make sure you never hurt her again because she doesn’t deserve someone who treats her like crap. She deserves someone with as big a heart as hers and someone who is as kind and amazing as she is. That person is not you. That person will never be you. You don’t deserve her. You never have and you never will, because you are unable to see how incredible she is.

I feel sorry for you in all honestly because you have made a very big mistake in hurting her. You will understand that someday and you will realize that you were an idiot for it.


An Angry Best Friend

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