An Open Letter To 2017

Dear 2017,

Please be good to us.

2016 was a rough year for most; mistakes were made and regrets undoubtedly followed. We lost some celebrities, and the world also truly started to fall apart. My mind keeps telling me that the 2015 attack in Paris was the catalyst, or maybe it was the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Either way, the world kept taking hits from every angle, and 2016 seems to have provided the brunt of it.

So, we could really use some good when you arrive. Doesn’t have to be big; it just has to be enough to detract from all the pain and remind us that things can get better. I mean, if you’ve got something amazing lined up for us, then, please, go ahead and share it. But I think at this point we’d be happy even to hear that seven little Golden Retriever puppies went frolicking in the snow. Hell, even a new clever meme would probably be enough for some of us.

Seriously. We’re desperate for something pleasant.

Also, help out the individuals who really seem to need it. Provide moments of relaxation to those stressing over the future. Send joy to those having some difficulty seeing the bright side of life. Find two people who desperately need a friend, and force their paths to cross. Just, please, be nothing but good to us. We can’t really afford any more tragedy right now; at least give us some time to recover from what your predecessor had to throw at us.

We’re begging you. The world has become a terrifying place, and we’re looking at you to provide some reassurance. Show us that the world isn’t totally devoid of hope. Do what you can to guarantee genuine smiles don’t become endangered. Be everything that 2016 could have been and then some.


The world

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