To my fellow workaholics:

It's hard being a workaholic, as you must know all too well. We are the ones who don't believe in breaks and just want to continue working so we can get something done. We are the ones that like to test how thin we can stretch ourselves before we break. We are the ones who are consistently burning the midnight oil just to finish one more thing. We are the ones who are working hard.

Even though constantly being busy and taking on more and more obligations is something that we are programmed for, it can be frustrating to be around people who aren't the same way. It's not fair that we judge people this way. We question the sanity of our friends who have a paper due on Monday and spend the whole weekend binge watching Netflix. Our standards are high, and our work-level can be, most of the times, classified as something superhuman.

However, we do need to learn to relax more. This means not looking at our to-do lists or the clock and actually taking some time for ourselves. Truly relaxing, ironically, is one of the most impossible tasks that any workaholic might face, since it's so hard to walk away from something that is unfinished.

So instead of working extremely ahead - do something for you for a change. It won't kill you to take an hour to watch an episode on Netflix, or to take a walk outside. You will still be considered a workaholic at the end of the day I'm sure, but you won't feel completely drained.