Dear 14 year old me,

Well, you're 19 now... we're 19 now. But you've come so far. Too far to stress about the things you are worried about now. I have a few pieces of advice I'd like to give to you, and to any other high school aged kid reading this.

First of all, I'd like to say; look at the cover photo. Look at my (our) eyes, and you can see the difference.

That dorky camera obsession you have is still there after all these years, and you've gotten a lot better at writing. You also (still) have an undying love for sunflowers, butterflies, love stories and traveling. So over the years, no matter what you learn to love, just love the hell out of it and don't let anyone judge you for it. Not even that boy that's going to tell you writing is a stupid thing to pursue.

That guy you're dating, well... he's long gone and boys have come and gone since then. I know it's hard when you break up and get back together over and over again, but someday you'll learn your worth. You'll become so much stronger, and no matter how bad the heartbreak is, just remember that you'll make it through this, and you'll still be around to write this letter.

Just assume you're wrong and dad is right, because in the end he is right. He always has your back and thanks to him you've become strong and independent.

Make sure you understand what you have going for you, even though I know as you go through your high school years it's hard to see past Friday night. When you get to college, you're going to make so many friends. Friends that you'll have for a lifetime. If you can at least look that far ahead, then you're on the right track. These are nowhere near the best years of your life, and 19-year-old us has a wildly bright future.

Another thing, don't worry about those big tests you have coming up. You're going to ace them, and even though you are there longer than anyone else, it shows out in the end. You'll have life tests that don't even remotely compare to the algebra test you have coming up.

Prom junior and senior year? Enjoy it. Pick out the perfect dresses (which I promise, you will do.) And try not to break dads bank (which you absolutely don't do.) Try not to base your happiness off of anyone else but yourself, and once you master that; once we master that... nothing can stop us.

I'll be honest, you still struggle with self-love and being happy with yourself. So if you work extra hard on it now, you won't have to worry as much about it when you get here.

Thank your teachers, have a blast, focus on sports, wholeheartedly enjoy the precious time you have with your friends. You'll miss them once you move away from home. Don't worry, and just have some faith.

I'll see you in the mirror someday, but until then-- be yourself. Love like you know how to love and be a great person. Do right by everyone the best you can, and the sooner you figure out your core values the happier you will be.

Good luck growing up.

- Me