An Open Letter To The Dad Of My Friend Group

Dearest DD (Designated Dad),

Let me start out by saying, even though we make fun of you for enjoying ironing, we actually really do appreciate it. Especially when one of us is leaving for a date in 7 minutes and didn’t do laundry in time, so a hearty spritz of Febreze and a good ironing is going to have to do.

Last year, when I was a scared and nervous freshman on a brand new college campus, I met you very early on. In addition to being the very first person I had a meal with in college, you were one of my first friends. I’m sure you also very scared and nervous, but honestly, all I remember was not being able to get a word in edgewise. I certainly didn’t mind it, though. The conversation was the realest one I’d had since I came to Texas. We didn’t even talk about much, but I knew I wanted to stay friends with you.

I was right to make that decision, because since that first day we met you have been the most amazing friend, and have flourished into a perfect dad figure to our friend group of primarily girls. Whether it be forwarding us information on self-defense classes, or sending us reassuring texts saying we can come to you with anything, you have been the most unconditionally loving and caring person I’ve ever met.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say, that without you, we’d be lost. We’d be wearing wrinkly clothes, dating stupid boys that didn’t appreciate us, and we sure as heck wouldn't have anyone to watch us try on prom dresses for hours at a time. (Sorry we tricked you into driving us.)

I feel like there are so many things I have to thank you for; I have no idea where to begin.

Thank you for helping me pick out outfits for no particular reason, but just because I was too indecisive to do it myself.

Thank you for driving us all over the place, even though you won’t let us eat candy in your backseat.

Thank you for enlightening us on your hair routine, and not getting mad when we mess up your hair.

Thank you for always having hand sanitizer.

Thank you for the countless times you have comforted us when we were crying. Even though you hate germs and snot, you have always been there to lend a shoulder and tissues.

Thank you for knowing more about our clothing than we do.

Thank you for making sure you dance with every single one of us when we go two- stepping, even if your girlfriend is there.

Thank you for not getting offended when we poke fun at you.

Thank you for always knowing when to steam instead of iron (and vice versa), because I had no idea that steam ruins polyester. (Thanks for enlightening me on that, btw).

Thank you for being outrageously supportive of everything we do, from attending sorority events, to always reading my Odyssey articles.

Thank you for telling us we are too good for our exes, and blindly disliking them for breaking our hearts.

Thank you for not always saying what is the easiest.
Thank you for informing us of what you will be wearing tomorrow.

I know that we give you endless amounts of crap, but when it comes down to it, we love you so much. I couldn’t imagine our little friend group family without it’s father figure. Please never stop being you.

With Love,
Your family away from home

P.S. Can you steam my dress for game day?

As a special little addition, I had your two other adopted friend-group daughters write you a little something.


Hey dad,

Thank you for being the friendship I know I can count on. No matter how much time passes or how long we are busy and apart, I know when we come back together it'll be just the same. I don't know what I did to deserve your friendship, your brutal honesty, your shoulder to cry on, your sometimes over-my-head humor, your overwhelming concern and care for all of your friends, and all those nights where I didn't have to say a word - I only had to supply the cookies. You are the most supportive friend, and you're not afraid to tell me when I need to cut the crap and listen to the truth. I've read about friendships like ours and seen them in the movies - we have the real thing. Here's to a lifetime of one of the best friendships I have, I can't wait to go through the rest of college with you there to support, protect, and encourage me.

Your 2am life talk buddy


Dear DD,

Thank you so much for adopting me. Before I met you, I was basically a recluse who spent my time binge-watching Bones. I still binge-watch, but now we do it together.

That aside, thank you for making me try new things. You’re constantly taking us on new adventures that we will remember as some of our happiest memories.

Thank you for always being there for me. I know we don’t always have conversations that go deeper than the subplots of Harry Potter, but that means when we do they mean so much more. Your opinion is one I can always count on to be the most logical, and your advice always makes things seem so simple.

Thank you for the conversations that are more accurately just me venting, and for always providing a shoulder when I can’t find the words.

Thank you for being so unapologetic about your passions, and allowing me to be unapologetic about my own.

I don’t know what I would do without you, but I can tell you that I would be a person who is less whole than I am now. Bottom line, I am so incredibly thankful for you and I don’t think you hear that enough.

Here’s to many more late nights of nerd games of staying out dancing.


Your Adopted Family

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