An Open Letter You Should Close
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An Open Letter You Should Close

Don't turn the page, just close the book.

An Open Letter You Should Close

How many years ago did it happen? Maybe three, two, or even just a few months ago? Time, in this case, doesn’t really matter. At some point, you’ve probably felt the heartbreak from seeing something end that had so much potential. And because it didn’t end in your favor, you’ve been left without closure, something you deserve to help ease every emotion you still feel. Among those emotions might be anger or discontent but the worst part of remembering that person is how much you’re still invested. Because you know, more than anyone, that if that person came back to you, that you would want nothing more than to pick up where things left off.

You’ve probably thought about reaching out or maybe you’ve talked to them since, but their response is always the same and not what you deserve. But you just can’t seem to let it go. That’s what it inevitably comes down to. There’s just something about your situation with that one person that makes your heart quicken just enough to remind yourself of how you used to feel.

There’s no right or wrong way to move on and the amount of time you were together doesn’t reflect how long it will take. Feelings aren’t justified by days, weeks, or months and titles don’t either. You didn’t have to be labeled as being “together” to have feelings that were just as strong as if you were committed to each other. But maybe because you lacked that label, you were left with more uncertainty. Labels give distinction, but because you two didn’t have one, you weren’t sure of what all you would be loosing. But it hurts all just the same.

Accept the situation for what it was and recognize the happiness that came from having something worth remembering. Stop asking questions that begin with “what,” “why,” or “how,” because you may never know what happened, or why things changed, or how could he do this to you. I’m sorry, and I know you are too, that you were left with these feelings but you have to remember the good that came from the relationship; and how much stronger you’ll be when you're laughing with someone else. It may not have ended seamlessly, but there’s courage in putting aside the differences to enable the process of moving on.

Maybe I’m writing this for myself, or for the friends that I hold so close to my heart, but either way, sometimes in order for things to be put into perspective, they have to be put into words. Letters are meant for sending, for someone else to read, however in this case you’re the only one who needs to make sense of the situation.

Don’t leave your past with one person an open letter. Leave the uncertainty in the past and seal the envelope. You’ll think so much clearer when you're no longer reminded of unanswered questions and feelings surrounding what happened three, two, or maybe even just a few months ago.

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