An Open Letter To The One Who Broke My Best Friend’s Heart

They say hate is a strong word and that is why it is so accurate to use when I describe my feelings towards you.

You walked into our lives and made my best friend a kind of happy that everyone hopes their loved one will find one day. After slowly gaining my trust and having me stand by as your relationship grew, you changed on a dime. I watched as your relationship went through the good and the bad, watching as both of you grew to become better people. Until you blindsided her. I can name a million reasons why you made the wrong decision but I will stick to one. You lost the best thing that ever happened to you.

You gave very little to a girl that deserves the world. You walked out on a girl that would have never walked out on you. I have seen her deal with things that a girl with a heart like hers should never have to go through. I have seen her at her worst and at her best. She is my other half so breaking her heart does nothing less than break mine.

I want you to know that for every tear that runs down her face, I want to punch you in the face. Please know that seeing her so hurt, hurts my heart in ways I never expected. It hurts me to see that such an amazing girl could get treated like that, blindsided and left. Thinking about the way your relationship ended makes me lose hope in my own future relationships because I trusted you with her heart and she trusted you with her heart, but you betrayed that trust.

We have more memories now than I do with some of my “friends”, but there is no doubt in my mind that all I am to you now is “some girl that was friends with my ex” and I am completely okay with that. Any friendship we had was gone the second a tear rolled down the face of a girl that deserves the world. As much as I hope you never talk to me again, I hope more that you do not talk to her because although she still loves you, I could not watch you break her heart again and I could not stand by just to put her back together again. But it is her choice. Its is her decision to choose who she gives her heart to and as her best friend I will stand back and support her EVERY decision and be there to pick her up every time she falls.

All I can hope for is that whether you guys are together or not, that one day you come to the realization of how amazing she is. She deserves to be loved and respected every single day and maybe you are just not the one for her but that does not mean you should not still treat her with the respect she deserves. She is my best friend and I will do anything to make sure she is happy, and being respected and cared for the way she deserves.

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