An Open Letter To My Best Friend Who Lives Too Far Away
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An Open Letter To My Best Friend Who Lives Too Far Away

I miss you

An Open Letter To My Best Friend Who Lives Too Far Away

Best friends are hard to come by. You get lots of friends in life, but best friends are different. You don’t just wake up and decide, “hey this girl’s pretty rad, she’s reached BFF status”—it’s a relationship and a connection that grows over time. Then again, looking back it feels like you became one the most important people in my life in an instant. One second I was questioning how much of a filter I needed to use around you, and now I don’t think I’ve stopped talking since.

You’ve seen me at my best, but you’ve also seen me at my absolute worst more often than not. But that’s fine because everyone needs someone who knows how to be a shoulder to cry on, but even more so everyone needs someone who isn’t afraid to yell at them to pull it together when no one else will. You’re my number one fan and biggest critic all in one; you pull me up when I’m not feeling like myself, and you yank me right back down when I’m getting a little too confident—you keep me grounded better than anyone else.

Your honesty is what makes you, you. Your ability to keep a secret makes me feel more than comfortable with sharing anything and everything with you. The passion you have for spreading happiness wherever it’s needed really is a testament to what an amazing person you are, and it makes me feel so blessed that you’re the person I get to call my best friend.

Even though your skills behind the wheel are borderline questionable and you go into cardiac arrest every time we see a dog, I wouldn’t want anyone else to have such an overwhelming presence in my life. We may be hundreds of miles apart, but I don’t think the distance has impacted us at all; I still manage to annoy you just as much whether I’m states away or essentially living in your house.

You’re the Elsa to my Anna, the Serena to my Blair, the mac to my cheese, and the iced to my coffee. I’ve laughed until I’ve cried with you, cried until I’ve laughed with you, and have miraculously managed to trick you into becoming a permanent part of my life. I know that no matter what happens you’ll always be there waiting with your permanent smile and abundance of cheesy hugs, and surplus of puppy gifs and pictures. You’re my number one person to go to, my future maid of honor, and my forever friend.

You’re not just my best friend, you’re my person.

Lots of love,

Your Best Friend

P.S. – saying a quick prayer for you because you’re going to be stuck with me for a while

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