An Open Letter Of Guidance To My Younger Sister

An Open Letter Of Guidance To My Younger Sister

want you to know I am so beyond proud of you and how many things you have accomplished so far.

Caroline Domingue

To My Little Sister,

I wanted to devote my first time writing to you for many reasons. First, I want you to know I am so beyond proud of you and how many things you have accomplished so far. I wanted to write this to give you some advice; these are some of the things I learned in life or things people have told me that helped me through different situations.

Even though I constantly had Brandy telling me this in high school, seriously don’t stress over the small things. I will admit at times I can get caught up in the small things and be temporarily upset but don’t let it get you down. A phrase I have been using recently is “if it won’t matter in a year don’t let it stress you out” or sometimes I say in a month. I know this phrase can be overused at times and even seem cliché but it’s so true and important to remember. I sometimes look back on high school experiences and wish I don’t get so upset about certain situations. With this being said, don’t let petty people or drama effect you for too long. It’s totally normal to be upset when people are mean to you but don’t let that dampen your day or week. Time in high school is so short, as you might know finishing your freshman year. Live it up! While high school might seem hard at moment, you’ll look back and realize that you should have enjoyed yourself more. Go after that fun job, get into your dream school, talk that attractive guy, befriend that person who you always wanted to talk to; don’t let anyone stop you from anything you want to do because I know if you put your mind to something you’ll accomplish it.

One major thing I realized after moving out of the south is that your weight or physical features aren’t the most important thing. If you feel you want to get more in shape or be more active let that be your decision. Don’t let anyone talk you into feeling uncomfortable about your physical appearance. I’ve learned from experience that people who make statements about your physical appearance are normally either jealous or insecure with themselves. Don’t let someone’s insecurities be your insecurities.

We’ve talked about college a lot together and I wanted to reiterate some important things. As you know I got into my first-choice college and I am extremely happy with it but it was a lot of stress for me when I was applying. I know Brandy and I always say this but try your hardest to do good throughout high school. Make sure to really think about the decisions you make because your future's so bright and I don’t want one bad decision to affect you negatively. College is such an amazing experience and I want you to have the opportunity for you to go to whatever school you choose to apply to. One thing you should know about the future is that it is perfectly normal to have no earthly clue what you want to do. You’ll figure it out, college is a time to figure out what you love and what you’re passionate about.

I wanted to end this with, I love you so much. I’m pretty sure you realize this but sometimes hard for me to express that to you. I know I give you a lot of tough love at times but it’s because I really want you to have the best in life. So, don’t get upset when my delivery come off harass at times; there’s love deep down I promise. Even though I get busy at times and can’t always call you, you know I’m always one text away.

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