While the mental health community has valued online therapy for a while now, it's another one of those secrets that the general public didn't really know existed. Until now.

Online therapy, most notably from providers like Better Help and Talkspace, is an extremely valuable option for people who can't access traditional, face-to-face therapy, either because of financial or transportation reasons or due to privacy concerns, among other things. Some people can't afford upwards of $100 a week for a session. Some people don't have a car or a stable means of transportation to get to a clinic or private practice. And some people don't feel comfortable disclosing to their family that they're interested in therapy. Online therapy offers a space for these people.

The lifesaving benefits of therapy are indisputable and something that every person should have access to. Providers like Better Help make this possibility a reality. But what's even more heartening is the visibility of these providers in recent months. For the first time, therapy is being advertised on our television stations just like any other product or service.

This not only opens the service up to people who are not as plugged into the mental health community, but it also gives all of us permission to talk about mental health concerns and treatment in a way we as a society are conditioned not to. It's a valuable step in the right direction to see a commercial like the one below while you're watching your favorite shows.

BetterHelp "Resolutions" 2019 TV Commercial www.youtube.com

Mental health shouldn't be a taboo topic. If something like a common cold or a broken arm can be discussed casually (with possible solutions advertised in our media), then so can mental health conditions.