I Asked 22 College Guys What They Think About One-Piece Bathing Suits For Girls
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I Asked 22 College Guys What They Think About One-Piece Bathing Suits For Girls

"I wonder if they make skinny dipping easier or more difficult."

I Asked 22 College Guys What They Think About One-Piece Bathing Suits For Girls
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One-piece bathing suits have become all the rage recently and with brands like Aerie showing how flattering they look on different body types, it seems like more women are opting to join the revolution.

I thought it would be interesting to hear what guys think about these kinds of bathing suits versus the traditional two-piece.

My intentions for doing this poll were simply out of curiosity, NOT because I think women should wear what men prefer to see. The responses I got were overwhelmingly positive, but there were a few guys who thought this was a toxic question. This was literally just for fun, but I appreciate the fact that you think women are actually dressing for you.

Don't flatter yourself, no matter what you have to say, we are always going to dress however the fuck we want.

1. "Girls can wear whatever they want to wear."

2. "As a guy who sees more inner beauty than physical, one-piece suits seem a bit more sexy to me. I would say the same thing about two-piece suits because all I care about is the girl, not her clothing."

3. "I think they look good and are a great alternative for girls who don't feel comfortable wearing two-pieces. Anything to get these ladies to the beach."

4. "I think they are hiding their insecurities."

5. "It's up to the girl. If she feels comfortable in it and wants to rock it, then hell yeah, wear it!"

6. "Every bathing suit is more about how you wear/style it. Some are modest while others are...less...modest. I don't think I'd ever tell a girlfriend which kind to wear, she should wear whatever she's comfortable in."

7. "They're a great option for women who want to be modest and they can also be sexy and stylish."

8. "I wonder if they make skinny dipping easier or more difficult."

9. "There are a lot of options out there and while some of them can be modest, some one-pieces are very minimal and attractive to the eye."

10. "They can be just as sexy as wearing a bikini."

11. "Sure, they can be more modest, but as long as my girlfriend is comfortable, I could care less."

12. "It shows that they are confident enough to wear whatever the hell they want."

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13. "I don't think they're necessarily insecure, I've seen plenty of girls wear one-pieces and haven't thought for a minute that they 'hated' their bodies."

14. "Girls who wear one-pieces aren't afraid to be stand out and I love that."

15. "As long as I don't have to go bathing suit shopping with her, she can wear whatever her heart desires."

16. "I go shopping with my girlfriend quite often and I've seen them EVERYWHERE. I don't see anything wrong with them."

17. "Sideboob. That is all."

18. "I'm a fan of any kind of swimsuit."

19. "I mean...I'd rather see her in a two-piece but I'll probably get a lot of shit for saying that so...yeah, I don't mind one-pieces."

20. "I don't know why, but I've seen girls buying them just so they can match with their friends."

21. "Any bathing suit is fantastic."

22. "Some of them can be pretty cheeky—if you know what I mean."

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