One Day You Will

I've battled chronic stomach problems for the past five years. I've tried almost every elimination diet, supplement, procedure, name it, I've probably tried it. Doctor after doctor has done all they can before they reach an all-too-familiar dead end. Some days my hope falters and I question if I'll ever be healed. But, even on these challenging days, I refuse to believe that I will feel this way for the rest of my life. This is why I continue seeing doctors and trying all sorts of suggestions: I am determined to one day be symptom-free of whatever is going on in this body of mine.

I used to question why me, why do I have to endure this seemingly never-ending ailment? On the more difficult days, I even question why God hasn't chosen to miraculously heal me. But this isn't fair of me to ask--I've come to understand that everyone has something, something they battle. Maybe it's some sort of health issue or an addiction or even something like school. Who am I to question why I have to battle this, when everyone is fighting their own fight, some of which I can't imagine having to experience

I hope that one day I'll understand why, that I'll be able to look back and understand the reason for all of this. But then again, maybe I won't. Even if the answer is never clear, I have to believe that there will one day be some sort of purpose for this and that the Lord can use this situation for good. I believe that there is purpose in the pain. And I need to trust in Him, His timing, and His greater plan that is, for now, unknown to me. This is much easier said than done, but His faithfulness has never wavered---and neither should mine.

Whatever you're battling right now, keep on fighting. Don't lose hope--there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. We may never have exact answers here on earth, and I know this can seem discouraging, but knowing that God is always by my side in the midst of it all is enough for me. It is my hope and prayer that you and I can look back and see how God has used these struggles for something greater than we ever expected. While I don't know exactly when this day will come, I truly believe that there will be a day when we'll understand. One day you will.

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