On Being Oblivious

On being an oblivious citizen:

Oblivious is bitching and moaning about how your country is doomed when the candidate you were so sure couldn't win the election did, and now they're set to run you're country. You are moaning and groaning now, when all along you were brushing off the threat, insisting that "ah, he's only gotten this far because he's entertaining" despite having millions of supports nationwide. So when he wins, and you are sitting in front of the TV after the national coverage wrap asking yourself "How the hell did this happen?" You didn't recognize the signs when they were right in front of you. You didn't pay any attention. You were oblivious.

On being an oblivious driver:

Oblivious is running late to school, tossing your backpack haphazardly into the passenger seat of the car your grandma so generously gave you on your seventeenth birthday and peeling out of your driveway driving just a teensy bit over the speed limit. You have to though--you can't be late! And crap, you forgot! You forgot to snapchat your streaks! And then, as you are pressing send and ensuring your streaks survive another day, you crash into a sixteen-year-old girl scurrying across the crosswalk, also running late and occupied by the bright lights of her cell-phone. You spend the rest of your day with the police, asking yourself, "How the hell did this happen?" You placed the importance of your social media above the safety of others around you. You didn't look up from your phone. You were oblivious.

On being an oblivious friend:

Oblivious is not noticing that your "Best-Friend-Forever!" since second grade has started biting her nails and stopped looking you in the eye; the once-faint crescent-moon shadows under her eyes have waxed into two dark gibbouses that do not fade with the sunrise. When she downs a bottle of prescription pills that does not belong to her, you are left wondering, "How the hell did this happen?" She never said anything, and you did not see the glaring signs that screamed for your help, your attention. You were oblivious.

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