If you're watching the olympics, which most of the country is since it's taking over the media, you might need a little extra entertainment during the less riveting events. Behold: The Olympic Drinking Game. A sure way to keep your interest peaked during the duller moments. You will find yourself paying attention to even the most lackluster commentators. It will take your mind off of the fact that there are people out there accomplishing things while you sit on your couch. You will feel so much pride for your country! You will convince yourself that you too could be an Olympian! The rules are quite simple, Drink:

When USA wins Gold

Whenever they show/talk about Micheal Phelps during an event he isn't competing inWhen the show Christ the Redeemer

When they show the Olympic Cauldron

When an athlete has a backstory of overcoming an adversity

When the turmoils of Brazil are mentioned

When they flashback to past Olympics

When "the underdog" gets a medal

Whenever a gymnast falls off the beam/bars/ vault etc.

Whenever a gymnast snaps they bone

Whenever there's a false start

Whenever the commentators use their "tragedy voice"

When an athlete bites their medal

When a diver makes too big of a splash

When a world record is broken

When someone younger than you wins a medal

When they pan over Copacabana Beach

When you can't understand the athlete being interviewed

When the athlete is the child of an past Olympian

When a country wins it's first medal ever

When you drool over/envy an athlete's body

When they show an athlete's family in the stands

When they address Michael Phelps as "the most decorated Olympian of all time"

When you can't hear the announcers over the noise of the event

When the commentators say an athlete is "back for redemption"

Whenever you see a commercial for an "Olympic special" of a show

When a spectator tires to get a selfie with an athlete

Whenever someone makes a fool of themselves in the background of the TV announcers

Whenever a winner cries on the podium

Whenever you cry because the athlete is crying

When you've never heard of the country

When announcers make table tennis sound like the most exciting even in the games

When the favorite for an event doesn't win

When a Brazilian gets Gold

When they show a past Olympian in the stands

Whenever an athlete is covered in cupping marks

When synchronized divers/swimmers become unsynchronized

When a runner trips over the hurdles

When you get stressed over an event as if the results are a life or death situation for you

When you feel overwhelmed with emotions because the Olympics are beautiful

In retrospect it's probably best not to actually play this game, but hey at least you're paying attention to the Olympics now.