Dear Old White Men, Keep Your Hands Off Of Abortion
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Dear Legislators, Please Give Women The Right To Choose

Having women debate issues on women's health could go a long way.

Dear Legislators, Please Give Women The Right To Choose

Several states have now begun to consider overturning Roe V. Wade, one of the most important Supreme Court cases of all time. Roe V. Wade made abortion legal, giving a woman the right to choose. Recently, Alabama passed legislation to ban abortion.


It was revealed that most Republicans had voted on this issue. It's one thing to not believe in an issue, but it's another thing to dictate what women can and cannot do with their bodies.

A woman should have access to a safe abortion if she does need one. Believing in this means being "pro-choice"- "pro-life" is not acceptable, however, when it infringes on people's choices regarding their bodies.

If a 17-year-old teen is assaulted by an older person and becomes pregnant, carrying that baby to term might not be the best decision for both the parent and child. Several pro-life individuals argue that the baby can still be given up for adoption.

More often than not, religion is cited as a means of voting against women's rights.

In the case "Employment Division v. Smith," two Native American men were released from their jobs for using Peyote (a drug) in a religious ceremony. The Court ruled that the law was above religion and that the use of drugs could not be justified because of religious reasons.

However, doesn't wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade to implement bans on abortions infringe on Women's First Amendment Rights? Legislators would be taking away a woman's right to privacy and her body in the name of religion. How can this be considered legal? If Roe v. Wade is overturned, the other cases that imprisoned or punished people for using drugs for religious purposes must also be overturned. It goes both ways.

Abortions might be taken advantage of sometimes, and some people cite this as a reason to remove abortions entirely. Abortion should perhaps be pro-choice with a few restrictions. Leave abortion to be unlimited, safe, and free of cost to women who were sexually assaulted. Lower the cost of abortion in general so more people can afford it, and perform free abortions in cases where people can't afford it or if it imposes a safety risk.

For women who do not want to speak up about their assault, who are pregnant, try to offer anonymous, confidential services. If they still refuse to speak up, it's still their choice if they want to raise their child. It is not wrong or right to want to raise a child if they feel they can.

Abortion can be pro-choice and have restrictions. Anything done in regulation will work. Abortion done in regulation can work. Having women debate issues on women's health could go a long way. Women in Politics are capable of debating women's issues.

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