Dear Old White Men, Keep Your Hands Off Of Abortion

Abortion. That's it. That's the article. Lately, a bunch of hoodlum states have thought it a good idea to overturn Roe V. Wade, one of the most important Supreme Court cases of all time. Roe V. Wade made abortion legal, giving a woman a right to their bodies. Recently, Alabama passed legislation to ban abortion. When I read about this, I almost threw up.





And as always, old Republican white men were the culprit. These old hags honestly need to resign and/or die out. If that's harsh, so be it. If you don't believe in abortion that's cool. But who gave you the right to dictate what women can and CAN'T do with their bodies? I myself don't believe in abortion as much and wouldn't want to ever have one.

However, I believe a woman should have access to a safe one if she does need one. If this is you, then you are pro-choice. Pro-life is not OK when it infringes on other people's bodies.

If you're pro-life, and your 17-year-old daughter gets raped by a 45-year-old man, would you want her to carry that baby to term? Sure, argue that she can give it up for adoption. Is it moral to bring a child that was created by rape to this world? Shouldn't babies be brought into this world because of love?

Who said it was OK to use religion as a means of violating women's' rights? In "Employment Division v. Smith," two Native American men were fired from their jobs for using Peyote (a drug) in a religious ceremony. The Court ruled that the law holds above religion and that drugs weren't valid just because of religious reasons.

However, isn't wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade and implementing bans on abortions infringing on Womens' First Amendment Rights? You're taking away our rights to PRIVACY and our BODIES in the name of RELIGION! How is this legal? By overturning Roe v. Wade, you overturn other Supreme Court Cases that used Roe v. Wade as a precedent. If you're going to overturn Roe v. Wade, overturn the other cases that imprisoned or punished people for using drugs for religious purposes. It goes both ways.

I get that abortions might be taken advantage of sometimes. I've heard of people who would willingly have unprotected sex knowing the risks and would keep getting abortions just because that option was available. If you don't want to take Birth Control so be it, but understand that you need to face the risks. You can't keep harming your body by having numerous abortions. I believe that abortion should be pro-choice with a few restrictions. Leave abortion to be unlimited, safe, and free of cost to women who were raped or sexually assaulted. Lower the cost of abortion in general so poorer people can afford it, and perform free abortions in cases where people can't afford it or if it imposes a safety risk on a woman.

As for just having an abortion because you got pregnant accidentally and made a mistake, keep a record. If someone keeps abusing the right to an abortion, raise the cost of abortion for them. It's like paying insurance. The more accidents you have, the more you pay.

For women who do not want to speak up about their rape who are pregnant, try to offer anonymous, confidential services. If they still refuse to speak up, it is on them if they want to raise their child. It is not wrong or right to want to raise a child if they feel they can.

Abortion CAN be pro-choice and have restrictions. The First Amendment works this way. You are practically allowed to say or do whatever the f*ck you want as long as it's protected. I can go out into the street and burn a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump and it will be protected. However, I cannot go into a crowded theatre and yell "fire," as so famously pointed out in "Schenck v. US." I cannot go to school and tell a teacher to go f*ck themselves and get off scot-free. School boards can restrict students' First Amendment rights. Anything done in regulation WILL work. Abortion done in regulation CAN work.

As for these old white men, they need to STOP. Have women debate issues on WOMEN'S Health. Republican Women and Democrat Women are capable of debating women's issues. Men don't need to infringe on it.

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