I’ve never really been into politics. I mean, if I’m being quite honest, I’m neither democratic or republican, but that’s beside the point. America was on the edge of their seats last night watching the votes roll in for their favorite (or tolerated) candidate. Hearts were racing, thumbs were giving updates on Twitter for everyone to see. Facebook was overloaded with opinions (but that’s not out of the ordinary). Trump supporters and Hillary supporters in the same rooms, some arguing and others vowing to never let their political views get the best of them. But I was at home, sound asleep. I didn’t look at Twitter or Facebook or watch the news or even dream about the election. It didn’t phase me, and here’s why.

The main reason I seem to not care about the election is because I know somehow, some way it will all work out. Whether you picked Hillary or Trump is not my concern. America is stronger than this. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave for crying out loud. You will not hear me complain about whoever won, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump because I know it will all be just fine.

Now, I’m not saying we should ignore it altogether and assume everything will be fine. That is not what I’m saying. We need to be active citizens in our areas and help each other out.

Don’t vote for a person. Vote for your stance on a subject. Defend your viewpoints, not another candidate. Vote for strength in a nation. Vote for kindness and support. Vote for equality and care. Vote for peace and serenity. Vote for freedom and for tolerance. Vote for America itself.