I Felt Guilty About Wanting To Transfer But Decided UK Was Best For Me Instead

I Felt Guilty About Wanting To Transfer But Decided UK Was Best For Me Instead

Something that works for someone else might not necessarily work for you, and that's totally ok.


Being a transfer student myself, I️ know everything that people will say. “Just give it a chance” and “you aren’t having enough of an open mind.”

I’ve heard every reason that I️ was making the wrong decision and here I️ am, almost exactly a year later, happier than I️ have ever been, and I️ truly believe that much of the reason is because of the decision I️ made around this time last year.

My freshman year, I️ was a student at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. After growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, this place seemed like a faraway adventure and I️ was so ready for everything that came with it. I️ was ready to be away from home and start my new life. I️ wanted to leave everything behind.

After several months struggling with my health, and even having to be rushed to the hospital one night because of the extreme abdominal pain I️ had been having, I️ realized something wasn’t right.

I️ had been struggling with severe anxiety and panic attacks and then learned what was wrong with my stomach in the coming months. All of this made me realize that it was alright to want to be near my family and it was okay to be in a beautiful place and it was not the place for me.

At first, I️ was guilty, guilty that I️ was in such a wonderful place and was unhappy. I️ had good friends, an amazing roommate, and loved my sorority, so why was I unhappy?

I️ felt terrible that I️ didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing and because it was a small school I️ felt like everyone knew most things about most of my classmates.

And it was okay for me to feel guilty, but it would not have been alright for me to stay where I️ wasn’t happy because of that guilt.

This is when I️ decided to transfer back to my good old Kentucky home, and I️ am forever grateful for this decision.

When I️ finally got settled at the University of Kentucky got to calm down and do what I️ wanted to do at last. I️ had always wanted a dog, so I️ got one. I️ wanted to live in an apartment, and now I️ do. I️ wanted to meet new people, and I️ have. I️ wanted to start writing again, and here I️ am.

I️ started to give myself a chance to see what I️ really liked, without outside influences, and it has taught me more about myself than I️ ever expected.

Samford is a beautiful school with some truly wonderful people, but I️ will never regret transferring. I️ will also never regret my time there, because I️ had some of the best times I’ve had there, and met people that I️ am thankful to have met.

What I’m trying to say is, sometimes letting go of outside opinions is what you need to do to be at peace, and that is just what I️ learned through this experience.

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