Standing there looking the mirror and you don't love the person that is staring back at you. Having self-esteem issues is one of the biggest problems in my life. When you're so focused on everybody else and everybody else's happiness that you start to lose your own and what makes you who you are you forget that you matter. You forget what makes you who you are, you get so involved with everybody else and what everybody else is thinking that you don't listen to your own thoughts.

You'll listen to everybody else's happiness that you forget that you are a person that you still need to be loved. That the person that matters most in the world is yourself sometimes you just need to be selfish. I think that's what I forget all the time is that I put everybody else before me I haven't even put myself Above that. I have not truly focused on myself and seen my happiness what I am worth.

I have never worked on the issues, I have never been able to there staring back in the mirror and smile because I am a beautiful human being, I've never been able to laugh and think I'm one of the most funniest people in the whole world. I have never been able to look in the mirror and see someone who is brave and someone who is strong. Because I don't believe that I am and I am so worked up on everybody else but I have truly lost me I have not cared for myself. I have never been a selfish human being I've always been so selfless. I put everyone else's wants and needs above my own.

I continue to worry about this person or that person. I try to make everyone else happy. Yet am I happy?

There's days where I do feel like the most beautiful person in the world when I think that I'm on top of everything but then 90% of these days, I don't feel like that I can have every person in the room directly tell me that I'm beautiful but I don't see that. I haven't truly loved myself, I haven't truly felt strong, I haven't truly felt brave, I haven't truly been happy. But slowly but surely I am changing. I will be beautiful, I will be strong, I will be brave, I will be happy, I will be Harley.