Poetry On Odyssey: Secret Confessions To A Diary
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Poetry On Odyssey: Secret Confessions To A Diary

The perfect place to confess things you may be too afraid to say out in the open is your diary.

Poetry On Odyssey: Secret Confessions To A Diary
Camila Madeo

Dear diary,

I have something to say

and it's about a boy,

who takes my breath away.

I can't get him off my mind

and it scares me every day.

Dear diary,

your wrinkled pages

hold all my secrets.

No one in this world

knows me like you do,

so I'll confide in you.

Dear diary,

as I sip my morning coffee

and walk to the living room table,

that gleams with the warm sun of April

I pick up my pen and write to you,

of the day I knew he was the one.

Dear diary,

my sweet hazelnut coffee clings

to my taste buds with every sip.

As it gently coats my throat

memories begin to flood,

and hands take over your lines.

Dear diary,

nestled on the couch I sit,

like a bird lays in its nest,

Pen to paper I write to you.

Soft ruffling sounds begin

as I go from left to right.

Dear diary,

standing from across the room

I saw him there tall and slender

with bags in hand, I call out his name.

Eyes locked on one another

my heart had begun to flutter.

Dear diary,

zigzagging our way through crowds

with a smile from ear to ear

and rosy warm plastered cheeks

I leaped into his arms with glee,

as if no one was watching.

Dear diary,

curved lines at the end of my mouth

caught the single teardrop that fell.

Running my hands through his hair,

luscious and soft curly rods

just as they were the day I left.

Dear diary,

with every kiss, my eyes would light up.

And in that moment I had realized,

I could not be away from him that long.

With my breath held tight I realized,

he was the only one for me.

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