An Ode To Ohio Weather

An Ode to Ohio Weather

If you're a thrill seeker, come to Ohio, where the weather is like a see-saw, roller coaster, and plummet to the ground all in one state.

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Sometimes, while other states obediently follow the ebb and flow of seasons, Ohio just shakes a magic eight ball to decide what conditions to subject us poor people to.

Unpredictability is new possibility

Before you leave for class, there is rain. After it is not the same- the world has flipped and the weather has dipped ... fifty degrees cooler that is.

To wear a jacket or not wear a jacket: that is the question

In the morning you shiver and shake, in the afternoon you simmer and bake.

To everything, there is a season

Winter, summer, spring, and fall ... This year, we did not experience fall at all.

Two paths diverged in the wood, and I took one because the bus was full

On the bus, off the street, many strangers do I meet. We want to escape the arctic conditions of this mid-November's missions have to make us all miserable.

"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" was amiss this fall

Thanks Ohio.

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