For many people, the month of October is just October. When most people think of October they often think about Halloween, costumes, colorful leaves, and cold weather. But for me, for my family, and for many more, October isn't just another month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I will always continue to view it as that. It's a month to not only raise awareness about the fact that 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer, but to also praise women for fighting it and remember the ones we have lost. Unfortunately, I have seen too many of my loved ones have to battle breast cancer, and have even seen the worst it can bring. But the women I know who have fought for their lives, and all women out there who have fought or are fighting breast cancer, are the most courageous women. Even though they may feel absolutely terrible, they are full of love and life and beauty; and they are so admirable for being strong.

To me, breast cancer awareness month is another reminder of the what my family has gone through. Losing a family member to such a horrible disease is the most heartbreaking thing you might ever imagine, and no one can replace what we have lost. October to me personally means so much more, it’s my secret. Ever since I turned 16 my doctor has always had exams run on me since cancer runs in my family. Over this past summer I had my first cancer scare. I remember receiving a call from my mom telling me that there was something wrong with my results and that I had to be tested for cancer. I felt so helpless, I felt as if everything in my life came crashing down. I had seen what cancer can do to a person and how painful it is to watch them suffer. I was afraid that everything I have ever dreamt of would only be temporary. I felt very numb and emotionless, words wouldn’t come out of my mouth. I remember breaking down in front of my supervisor and having everyone watch me cry. I didn’t want the attention but there wasn’t a way for me to cope knowing that I might’ve tested positive for breast cancer.

I am thankful that after all the tests I went through I tested negative but it kept me alert and made realize that i shouldn't take life for granted. If anyone has ever seen my lanyard they know that I have a breast cancer keychain, every day it reminds me of how lucky I am because many aren't as lucky . I am happy to say that this month will always be important to me because it's a month to cherish those who have survived and let them know how loved they truly are.