The Ultimate List Of October Activities In Atlanta

The Ultimate List Of October Activities In Atlanta

If you live in or around Atlanta, and you love fall, you're going to want to check these out.


If you love fall, you probably want to spend this fall doing as many fall activities as possible. Fall has so much to offer all over the state of Georgia from fairs to Oktoberfest celebrations, to haunted houses, to corn mazes, and so much more. However, the Atlanta area alone has plenty up its sleeve to keep you entertained this fall. You can experience some of the best food and fun this October and November. So break out your favorite pair of boots, put on your favorite sweatshirt, and head over to one, or all, of these amazing fall festivities.

Family Friendly

Six Flags - Austell - September 24 through October 31

Kick off fall with a spooky trip to Six Flags during their annual Fright Fest. Check out The Mummy's Curse Haunted Attraction, bravely walk through all of the scare zones, and ride terrifying rides. Find out more here.

Stone Mountain - Stone Mountain - September 30 through October 30

Stone Mountain is the perfect place for the family with kids, and even those who don't have kids. There is a kid's carnival with inflatables, and boardwalk games. There will be a pie eating contest, if your stomach feels up to the challenge. Ride the Summit Skyride cable car to the top of stone mountain to take in the views from above, or ride the scenic railway to take in the views from below, or ride the Ducks to take in the views from the water. Wear a costume to receive a discount! Check it out.

Decatur Glassblowing - Decatur - October 1 through October 31

Learn to blow a glass pumpkin at Decatur Glassblowing. You don't need to have any formal knowledge of glass blowing because this class is made for beginners. Proudly be able to say that you made one of your fall decorations yourself this year. Kids 10 and older are allowed but will need an adult. Read more here.

Walker Stalker Con - Atlanta - October 28 through 30

See famous celebrities from the hit TV series The Walking Dead, plus many other celebrities including Ron Perlman from Hellboy and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. Have a chance to take photos with the celebrities for a fee. Shop vendors tables for art, clothing, The Walking Dead merchandise and much more. Dress up as a zombie, if you have the guts. Check it out here.

Destination East Point - East Point - October 8

Come out to Destination East Point between 1 and 7 on October 8th to see live entertainment, eat great food from local vendors, and see exhibits by local businesses, artists, and much more. Entry is free! Find more information here.

Lilburn Daze - Lilburn - October 8

Lilburn Daze is where to be if you want to check out and support local artists, have great food, and attend a Home Depot woodworking workshop. There is also plenty for children to do from games to activities especially for children, inflatables, pony rides, and much more. Check it out here.

Farm Fall Day - Roswell - October 8

If you're interested in learning about life on a 19th-century farm, this is the festival to check out. There will be live history exhibits, activities, games, a petting zoo, wagon rides, and much more. The Smith Plantation Home will also be open. Read about it here.

Magic Monday: Historic Halloween - Atlanta - October 10

Toddlers to preschool age children can enjoy trick-or-treating, participate in a costume contest, walk in a costume parade, and make Halloween themed crafts. Open from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. Get more information here.

Stone Mountain Highland Games - Stone Mountain - October 14 through October 16

Whether you're Scottish or not, you can come to this Scottish themed festival and enjoy traditional Scottish activities like "The Highland Heavies", Highland dancing, bagpipe performances, Scottish harp performances, and much more. Children can enjoy Scottish themed activities like St. Andrew's Golf Challenge and Archery Shooting Range. There will also be crafts, including sand art and Loch Ness Monster sock puppets. Read more here.

Little 5 Points Halloween Festival and Parade - Atlanta - October 15

Check out the annual Halloween parade, check out local artists, and delve into delicious foods from local vendors. You can also reserve a spot in the parade! Check it out here.

Owl-O-Ween Hot Air Balloon Festival - Kennesaw - October 21 and 22

Head out to KSU Sports and Entertainment Park in Kennesaw to see a ton of live performers including aerialists, musicians, sideshow performers, martial artists, and much more. And don't forget to check out the main attraction, the hot air balloons! Read about it here.

Adult Orientated

Great Atlanta Beer Fest - Atlanta - October 8

Come out for the 6th and final Great Atlanta Beer Fest at Turner field from 1 to 6 pm to sample over 150 beers from all over the United States, as well as a small selection of wines and ciders. Read more here.

Chalktoberfest - Marietta - October 8 & October 9

Head out to Marietta on October 8th from 11 A.M. to 9 P.M or October 9th from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. to check out over 120 choices of beer and local chalk artists in an art competition. There will be live music the entire day, including a Jimmy Buffet cover band. You can even buy a commemorative pint glass! This event is open to the public for free, but you will need to a purchase a ticket if you are over 21 and plan to drink alcohol. Check it out here.

Oktoberfest Atlanta - Atlanta - October 15

What could be better than beer, German food, Giant Jenga, and Super-Sized Connect Four? Check it out, but hurry tickets are only on sale until October 6. Read about it here.

Horror & Haunted Attractions

Atlanta Horror Film Festival - Atlanta - October 13 through 16

Head over to either the Plaza theater or Mammal Gallery to experience all the horror flicks your heart can handle. The film line-up includes shorts, Pitchfork, Beacon Point and more. Don't forget to hang around for the after party. Check it out here.

Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross - All of October and Part of November

Bravely navigate your way through this terrifying haunted house that has been rated one of the best haunted attractions in America by multiple organizations. This year's theme is monsters. Can you bravely surpass vampires, werewolves, harpies and sea witches? Then prove your fearlessness by coming out alive! Read more here.

A Tour of Southern Ghosts - Historic Stone Mountain Village - October 14 through 30

Take the lantern-lit tour, while hearing the scariest ghost stories in all the south. Just try not to bring any ghosts home with you. Read about it here.

Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Halloween Tours - Atlanta - October 21 to October 30

Tour the creepy Oakland Cemetary, Atlanta's oldest cemetery, after dark. The tours always sell out quickly, so be sure to go ahead and get your spot. Happy hauntings here!

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