Numbers Do Not Define You

Over the course of the past couple years a lot has changed. Friends have changed, looks have changed, grades have changed and life in general has changed. Something I have learned in the past few years is that numbers don't define you, whether it be the numbers on the scale or your GPA, you are so much more than 150 pounds or a 64 percent. You are not any less of a person because you gained 20 pounds.

While society may use these numbers in an effort to show your worth as a person, I am here to tell you that these numbers do not define you! You are beautiful and smart, funny and kind, you make people smile and you are you.

Weight, grades, height, pant size, heck even the number of likes you get on a selfie – all of these things are defined by number, but you as a person aren't. I've always struggled with being enough being enough for my family, enough for my friends, enough for boys and enough for myself. But I’ve always been enough, for my family, for my friends and even for myself. By realizing this I have met an amazing guy who helps me feel beautiful every day.

I have decided to stop letting these numbers define me. I will no longer base my value as an individual on the numbers I see on the scale or the score I receive on an exam. I will no longer intimidate myself into thinking that these numbers make or break who I am. I am so much more than these numbers, I am smart and kind; I am beautiful and funny. You are so much more than the numbers that you let define you. Please remember that.

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