There is definitely something to be said about change that comes in college. The fear of losing your best friend from high school is certainly imminent as college approaches during the summer.

I was lucky enough to have a best friend for four whole years. It all began freshman year in high school. You know, the year when you’re extremely awkward and weird, and people really don’t like you? Yeah. Lucky for me, I found someone who was just as strange as me, and we clicked. The funny part of it was that one of my family friends really wanted me to meet this girl who was going to my high school. I didn’t really listen or care, for that matter. I was already too freaked out about making friends. Little did I know, that girl they all wanted me to meet would be my best friend for the duration of high school.

So we went through Freshman year together, awkward as ever. Maybe something that we never realized that signified the impending four years, was when one of our friends put our names on a party list together. Not Maddy *enter, new line* Lindsey. Maddy and Lindsey - one line. We joked that we were a packaged deal, either both or nothing. Turns out we were. We made it through two musicals that freshman year with stories that we still belly-laugh about to this day.

After freshman year, we ended up going on a trip together. After the first trip, it seemed we went on a trip, at least once a year together.

Sophomore year was a little more difficult. I was afraid that I would lose you when we decided to go separate ways in the spring. Everyone kept pestering me to do the spring musical, but Oliver! was so awful (and you know it) that I just couldn’t bring myself to be in another show where I might have to wear that hideous costume again (PTSD). So, I decided to do the straight play instead. This was maybe close to the same quality and budget as the other musical, but I was so happy when you supported me, that it really didn’t matter.

We went to two (tragic) proms together and thanks to you, you stopped me from getting involved in numerous bad relationships. Thank the Lord. Our cars are fraternal twins with rhyming names (friendship doesn’t get any more real than that). The inside jokes are just excessive, but I love them nonetheless. We have been through countless tragedies and crazy stories together, most of which I know we will never forget.

The most amazing part of it all is we never fought. Most people say that if people in relationships don’t fight, they don’t care. Oh but we cared. We cared about the different boys each other talked to. We cared about food, A LOT. We cared about how we looked, sometimes. Mostly, we cared about each other.

Four whole years. Four. Whole. Years. It doesn’t feel that long, though. My favorite thing to do was to make jokes about our friendship (“The Eternal Friendship” kinda thing). Sometimes I thought you didn’t realize how much people thought we were attached at the hip. Not only our parents but people at school too. If I went out, the first question people would have for me was “Where’s Maddy?”. I think the peak of our friendship was being the leads our senior year. Neither of us thought I would be one because you know me and you know that singing and I are not attached at the hip. I want to think that our wonderful director was thinking in the back of her mind that it would be cute to have the two best friends as those two characters who end up being such good friends by the end of their journey. Then again, it was Pat Murphy and she probably didn’t think of that. What she did think of was how funny it would be to see you bully me, hence I was Betty and you were Abigail.

Obviously, the shows brought us together, but even our families became close through it all. Your mom knows more about me sometimes than my mom does, and my mom keeps up on your relationships more than I do. I love your Abuela, your parents, your brother, and your cousins (*wink wink* you know there is one in particular). For both of us, though, the best part is me third wheeling on your dates. Your boyfriend loves me, we both know it (@current bf). Even if you don’t, I plan on being the maid of honor at the wedding; even if I’m not nominally the maid of honor, I will still be giving a speech.

What I really want to say is, I’m so thankful for our friendship. I honestly can’t believe we’ve been through as much as we have together. Even in college, I know we will stay friends. When we hang out over breaks, it’s like nothing has changed and we pick up right where we left off. I’m so thankful that I could go through all my awkward life changes in high school with you by my side. Anyone else would have definitely ditched me by now. There is way too much to thank you for individually, but I just wanted to say that there is so much I am blessed with and grateful for and a huge part of that is you. Just wanted to be sappy this holiday season (you know you love it).

I love you best friend, Happy Holidays.