I try to be patient

But the pain still cuts deep

Try to ignore feeling like this

Try to pretend like it doesn't still hurt me

It seems like it should be long enough

But healing has no clock

And even after all these months

I miss you much more than I ought

Somedays I feel like I'm better

And other days the rain comes pouring down

I've never even met her

But just seeing her with you makes me feel like I'm about to drown

I climb and I climb

Try to find a way out

Try to swallow my pride

But instead pain flows inside of me and drowns me out

I want you to be happy

But I know that you arent

I know that you're drowning too, in secrecy

Pretending for her and everyone else that you have a whole heart

But instead we both have hearts with holes

Wounds where the pain enters from time to time

Where the water from our tears gather in pools

And cause us to fall apart from time to time

I know one day we'll both learn how to swim

And then one day the flood waters will dry out

And there will be no trace of memory from the love of back then

We'll no longer remember why we wanted to cry, yell, scream and shout

One day we wont feel like we're about to drown

But until then, we'll keep our heads above water

Because we're not the kind to give up without a fight

we're not the kind to get pulled under

Originally posted on my blog, Rithimus Poeta @rithimuspoeta.blogspot.com

Instagram: @RithimusPoeta