Things You Know If You Spend Time Alone Often

Spending time alone gives you peace with yourself and the world around you. Even with some great friends by my side, alone time can be rewarding. Here are some ways you know if you're your own best friend.

1. You plan your day out with yourself


Sometimes my day includes running errands, watching Netflix, and taking a long bath all by myself.

2. You don’t get mad if you spend a night in when everyone is going out


Sometimes staying in sounds more appealing than going out.

3. You treat yourself with respect 


Whether this means doing face masks, spending time outside, or just napping, respecting yourself and your limits is one of the perks of spending time alone.

4. You plan spending time with friends around spending time with yourself

Sorry, I can’t hangout right now since I have a nap scheduled.

5. You are self-sufficient

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You don’t need someone to accompany you at all times.

6. You’ve learned to really know/love yourself 


Spending time alone to reflect and relax often leads to having better self awareness.

Time for a nap.

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