Taking Care Of Yourself During Final Exams
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How To Take Care Of Yourself During Finals

5 things that are important to remember during the most stressful time of the year, but explained in GIFs.

How To Take Care Of Yourself During Finals

1. Hydration Station

If only there was something you could drink that would clear up your skin, help you lose weight, and give you more energy...Wait, that's water. During finals week, priorities tend to shift from your actual health to your health 210 class. It's extremely important to nourish your body throughout the week so that you can stay focused and finish out the semester as strong as possible.


2. What Is Sleep?

College students are infamous for pulling all-nighters during finals week just to get those extra few hours of study time in, but without sleep your brain can't encode the information you spent hours studying. It's tempting to camp out in the library that's open 24/7 and drink red bull like your life depends on it, but even a few hours of sleep will make a world of difference on your final.



3. C's Get Degrees

If this semester has been tough mentally or physically, it's important to take care of your health first and then focus on your academics. Your classes will still be there once you get better. Do the best you can this semester. The only person you're trying to impress is you. Be impressed you made it out alive and put this semester behind you.


4. 20 Min Study Breaks

Sitting in one spot all day can be draining, but picking up your phone can turn into hours spent on Instagram or Twitter. Try getting up and walking around the library. If you're home, try doing something else like making food, doing laundry, or making a cup of coffee. Once you sit back down, you will feel refreshed and ready to pick back up where you left off.


5. Confidence

If you put in hard work and believe that you will do well on your exams, then you shouldn't be worried. Be confident in your abilities to succeed. You are the only person that can measure your success, so believe in yourself and keep working harder to impress yourself a little more each year.


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