In a little less than a few days, Election Day will be here. Millions of Americans will be piling into Voting booths to choose who they want to lead our country for the next four years - an insanely important decision.

Yet, with this decision, it's also important to retain our humanity as well.

No matter if you are a supporter of Clinton or Trump, we must remember that we are all still people with an inherent right to be respected for our choices, even if we do not necessarily agree with those choices.

Regardless of whether or not we approve of who other people choose, we still have to remember that while each and every one of us not only has a duty to vote but a right as well, we are all a part of this democracy and in the end, we must not degrade each other for these choices.

I honestly believe that our core problem does not fall upon Trump or Hillary, but with ourselves.

We have become so divided with our arguments over these two candidates that it has made us much more hostile and, ultimately, it has drawn our focus away from the reality of things.

I know a lot of people see both candidates as two great evils and you know - you're probably right, or at least, I certainly think so. This election honestly feels like something out of an SNL sketch.

But despite that, we still have to continue to remain as a country, undivided; or at least, strive to be that way. Whether Trump wins or Hillary, we still have a voice and together, it can still be heard.

We also have to realize that this election is not the final step for us as a country. It does not mean our demise. Though it is joked about constantly on social media, it seems rather foolish to just up and abandon your country just because we get a leader whom we don't much care for.

However, as far as history is concerned, this is nothing new. The fact of the matter is this: we're not always going to win and have things the way we want them. It's a simple truth to life and it applies more than ever here.

There are going to be times where we are simply stuck between a rock and a hard place and we just have to bite the bullet and accept it. But just because our circumstances seem bleak, does not mean we have to be too.

We must continue to hold on to hope. Hope that no matter who bears the title of President of the United States, that we still have the voice and power to make a difference. We cannot lose that hope.

Despite what you might think, this is not the end.

We are a nation full of survivors and neither Trump or Hillary will be our downfall. We have made it through worse, and we will undoubtedly make it through these next four years. I still believe in America - and you should too.