Most people refer to their high school days as the best days of their lives. Lots of college kids talk about how they peaked in high school, and college just isn't the same. However, when it comes to my high school experience, high school was anything but the best four years of my life, and I am sure that many other people feel the same way.

Sometimes it might be hard for me to talk about, but my high school was anything but great. It was filled with bullying, having very few friends and toxic relationships. When people saw, and heard, how miserable I was in high school, they proposed "solutions," that simply weren't realistic.

Just join a sports team or club, just get outside of your comfort zone and talk to people, just invest yourself in your studies and forget everyone else exists.

When I joined clubs, I did my part to contribute, but the other kids still didn't like me and I was unable to make friends. When I tried to come out of my comfort zone and talk to people, sure I made some temporary friends, who went on to talk badly about me and made me feel bad about myself.

When I tried to invest myself solely to my studies, I felt lonely and that feeling distracted me from doing my best academically.

Thankfully, I went onto college where I am truly living my best life. However, I am still a firm believer that those who ended up peaking in high school, and rising to the top by putting others down, have nowhere to go in college but down themselves.

Yes, many people make their best friends in high school but others find their best friends in college, through their careers, and basically anywhere but high school. People talk about finding their "high school sweetheart," and being with them forever, but all I found was toxicity. People say the memories you make in high school will be the best of your life, but if anything they were the worst of mine.

Don't get me wrong, people can have good high school experiences. People can peak in high school, and move onto have an equally good college experience. While my high school experience was bad overall, there were some things that were rather good. The few friends I made were true friends, I had some remarkable teachers who changed my life, and I did well academically.

With all of this in mind, I still cannot believe that people go around talking about their high school years and how great they were for the rest of their lives. I just cannot comprehend people who think high school is as good as life gets. Mainly because everyone I know who says that still parties with their high school friends throughout their college years.

In the end, things do get better after high school. There is life after high school and great things ahead. For those of you who felt like I did in high school, it will all be okay.