The Nike Run Club Is The App To Get To Help Make Running Easy

The Nike Run Club Is The App To Get To Help Make Running Easy

As a former athlete who missed running, I didn't know how to get back into a running routine


From an early age I knew that between my sister and I, I was the one that was blessed with athleticism. Sports was just something that I fell in love with and as I get older continue to fall more in love with. Every summer when I was younger I would go to basketball camps and then soccer camps shortly after and it was at those camps that I realized that soccer was the sport that was my true love.

Soccer is one of those sports that not only requires athleticism but a strong mindset. Practices are not only the place where you learn to develop your physical skills, but you are also working to develop your mental skills. After playing for 7 years and making the difficult decision to give up the sport that I loved before entering high school, my love for soccer never died and it is still something that I love to watch on television.

However, whenever I take the time to reflect upon my years of playing or whenever I watch soccer on television I can't help but think about one of the major aspects of the game that I loved: running. To me, running has always felt like one of those times where I can be completely free, that nothing could touch me as long as I keep running. For me, it was running where I developed my mindset. Whether it was in practice or in a game, while I was running I knew that I was being mentally tested to see how far I could push myself.

Recently I decided that running was something that I wanted to get back in to. It was something that I missed and something that made me extremely happy, however, I didn't really know where to start. I am definitely not in the same shape that I was when I was playing soccer and it's not like I have a coach right at my disposal or can afford a trainer as a poor college student. However, after some research and talking to some friends I found my solution, the Nike Run Club app.

The Nike Run Club app is an incredible app for former athletes, people looking to take up running, runners training for a race, people looking to get in shape, literally anyone. The app offers quickstart programs, specially designed programs, guided run programs with some of the most famous athletes in addition to personalized programs that are altered to help you reach whatever your end goal may be.

The app also allows you to be a part of the Nike running community in which you can communicate with other runners from all over the world who also use the app. Your activity is also tracked so you can view your running history and physically see your progression. The app is also paired with the Nike Training Club app where again, workouts range from premade, to "Train Like Ronaldo" to specially designed for you and what you are looking to achieve. I can't forget to mention that when you create an account with the app, you are also creating an account with Nike and therefore you get sent coupons and offers with discounts on Nike apparel. Which to me is always a bonus.

The Nike Run Club app has not only helped me get back into running but continues to test my mindset as a former athlete. It has helped remind me why I loved to run and how much I missed it. So, if there is anyone out there that is looking for a way to get into running, get back into running, or simply a lifestyle change, I have to say, the Nike Run Club app is the way to go.

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An Honest Review Of ItWorks! From Someone Who Doesn't Sell The Products

No, I'm not looking for you to "join a team" or begin any challenges.

I'm sure you've seen your friends on Facebook transition from friend to salesman. Whether it be for Scentsy, LipSense, or AdvoCare; multi-level marketing companies are on the rise thanks to social media. ItWorks! remains one of the most prominent.

ItWorks! is a health and wellness company using primarily plant-based ingredients without any artificial sweeteners or coloring. Their "number one seller" is the famous body wraps but the company is mostly weight loss supplements and vitamins. The company has a passion for the natural over the synthetic. Co-founder Mark Pentecost states on the site's Our History page that "you want to know that you're putting the very best things in your body."

Since most reviews of these products come from distributors, who are therefore biased, I have reviewed three of their greatest products and one I believe you should avoid.

1. Greens™ Blend Chocolate

As a vegan, I sometimes have to double check that I'm receiving the proper nutrients. ItWorks! Greens have been saving my life lately. It contains 52 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods as well as 34 fruits and veggies. It is meant to alkalize, balance, and detoxify.

This is my favorite product! It gives me energy and even fills in for breakfast sometimes. It honestly makes me feel great. Then again... they always said eating all your fruits and veggies would!

ItWorks! gives you those healthy servings in a delicious chocolate flavor (which is bomb with almond milk). Make sure you use a blender bottle or blender. Like many powdered supplements, it can have that grainy aftertaste.

2. Advanced Formula Fat Fighter™

The idea behind this supplement is that it’s "okay to indulge if you have your Fat Fighters." Basically, if you just must have that sweet treat or piece of bread then you can take this pill within an hour to prevent your body from absorbing the carbs and a portion of the fats. If you're anything like me, you eat what you want when you want, so you'll end up taking these pills on the daily.

The main reason I like the Fat Fighters is that they reduce cravings and I normally have such a sweet tooth!

3. ThermoFIGHT™

This product is meant to increase calorie burning, boost the rate of your metabolism, and boost your energy. Like with Greens, I definitely feel energized when I take this supplement. Not in a jittery or wired way, either.

They say "abs start in the kitchen" but I'll try and cheat the system when I can!

4. Ultimate Body Applicator™ and Defining Gel™

This is the ItWorks! claim to fame... and that ASTOUNDS me.

I used to be so skeptical of this company because of the wraps. I tried them three different times and was not impressed each time. The ultimate body applicator and defining gel are meant to tighten and tone the skin to redefine the appearance of your body’s contour. Sure, you'll receive those results... just at an outrageous price. It's an expensive product that requires a lot of re-purchasing in order to receive any drastic results. Not to mention the most drastic results are just reduction of water weight.

They're really just an overpriced skin firming lotion. I suggest finding a nice cream from Target and sitting in the sauna instead.

If your facebook-friend-turned-salesman pushes for you to buy the wraps, just remember that I warned you.

I would like to give an honorary mention to KetoCoffee (probably their second most popular item). Because it is not vegan, I have not given it a try. I have heard amazing things from multiple women, though. Most keto coffee recipes give people the shakes and amp them up too hard. I've heard that ItWorks! has perfected the recipe.

I have used the first three products for a little over three months now. Sometimes I am inconsistent and miss servings. However, I match these products with a vegan diet (mostly whole foods based) and 3-4 days of exercise. I do not have drastic results but I have lost a little over ten pounds and feel great each day. I plan to remain a customer with this company (I have Greens on Autoship!).

I feel so blessed to be a Loyal Customer with ItWorks! because I receive up to 40% off and free shipping after three months. Without this discount, I probably never would have given this company a second thought. I highly recommend going that route because, well...

Cover Image Credit: Savanah Garcia | Instagram

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5 Key Exercises to Getting that Spring Break Booty

You're on your way to your dream booty!


With Spring Break less than 30 days away, many girls are hitting the gym with dreams of sculpting their perfect booty. With the little help of these five exercises, you are sure to see results!

Barbell Hip Thrusts

While this exercise is beginning to gain popularity in gyms for females, many stray away because of the awkward feeling or pain that can sometimes be associated. However, when you perfect this form, this exercise is hard to beat to get a firm butt.


With the barbell parallel to the bench, put your feet shoulder width apart and your shoulders and shoulder blades against the bench. Put the barbell directly over your hips with your elbows on the bench and your hands on the bar to keep it steady. Squeeze your glutes and push up to life your hips. Come down slowly while clenching your abs and keeping your abs tight.

Kneeling Squat

A unique twist to a traditional squat, this exercise allows you to focus on the upper glutes more.


Kneel on a padded surface with the barbell behind your head on your shoulders. Using your glutes, drive your body up, squeezing at the top.

Bulgarian Split Squat

This single leg squat variation is sure to have the outer glutes burning by rep 2.


Rest one foot on a bench, putting the other flat on the floor. In a forward lunge position, squat down until your knee is parallel.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings

This is the one exercise destined to fix all of your problems. A good exercise for shoulders, abs, and glutes, this will have your spring break bod on the horizon in no time.


With your knees bent at a 90 degree angle and feet shoulder width apart, hold the kettlebell between your legs. Tighten your abs and glutes, and use your shoulders to bring the kettlebell straight in front of you. Drive with your heels.


Defending the Deadlift

This exercise should be in all of your leg days and glute days. This is the perfect exercise to round out a glute burnout with to sculpt your ideal butt.


Stand with half of your feet under the barbell. Bend over and grab the bar with a grip that is shoulder width apart. Lift up, straightening your back. Hold the weight. Descend down smoothly.

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