Why Nick Saban And Alabama Are The Worst

I mean, technically we hate them every day of every week of every year, but this week we especially hate them.

As our undefeated Tiger football team gets ready to play Alabama in Tuscaloosa this weekend, hatred for "the Tide" is at an all time high. Why do we hate them? We have our reasons.

1. Nick Saban

The one time he smiled, and it looked seriously creepy.

In 1999, Saban took over as the head coach for LSU football. In 2001, he led the Tigers to a Sugar Bowl victory and the SEC championship. Just two years later, LSU went on to win the BCS Championship with Saban as coach. At the end of the 2004 season, Saban left to coach the Miami Dolphins.

After just two seasons with the Dolphins, Saban once again quit. Ever since, he's been the head coach for Alabama.

As Campus Reports posted, "When the going got tough in Miami, Saban got going….out of town and back to college with his tail between his legs.

With all the tact of a young Bobby Petrino, Saban bolted the Miami franchise for the job at Alabama after using no “coachspeak” and addressing directly the rumors of him leaving by saying,“I’m not going to be the Alabama coach” (spoiler alert: he became the Alabama coach).

While he is a good coach, his lack of loyalty to the players and franchises that help him succeed, making him come off as greedy, selfish, and arrogant.

Speaking of...

As Saban was preparing Alabama to face Notre Dame in the 2012 National Championship, he was expressing interest in taking over Mack Brown's job at the University of Texas in Austin.

When this deal fell through, he stayed at Alabama for a contract renewal that would raise his salary to seven million dollars.

It's hard to trust your coach when he's just following the money trail across the country. I would pick Les any day.

2. I'm not saying their fans are stupid...

Fox Sports reported, "The Alabama Crimson Tide fan base is the dumbest in the country and there isn't a close second."

4. "Roll Tide"

Yes, you 100% do need to say more.

I'm sorry, but what does that even mean? What is the tide? Why is it rolling? Why is their elephant a mascot? Does it roll down the tide? I have so many questions.

5. The whole team is seriously overrated.

Yes, they do lose sometimes. We are undefeated this year, and they are not. While they have had successful seasons, their victories are often exaggerated .

When this rivalry game was hosted in Death Valley last season, LSU fans were judged for chanting an explicit cheer towards Saban, but it's just because we care. We are the most passionate fans in the country, and we passionately hate Alabama.

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