Your Favorite NFL Teams As Superbowl Snacks
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Your Favorite NFL Teams As Superbowl Snacks


Your Favorite NFL Teams As Superbowl Snacks

Arrogance aside, there are two things that Americans are known for: football and fattening foods. When you combine the two into a Sunday filled with drunken rambling and conspiracy and endless debate, you either have a recipe for disaster or a glorious evening, depending on what side you decided to bandwagon of course.

Your favorite team can represent more than you think. Like your favorite snacks that you decide to shove down your bagpipes in the middle of the first quarter to either calm the excitement or drown the sorrow.

1. New England Patriots: Buffalo Chicken Dip

A cult favorite. You're not really sure why everyone goes crazy over buffalo chicken dip. I mean it's good, but is really the best? You never see people go crazy over buffalo chicken dip until someone brings it to a party. Nobody likes it enough to actually want to put the effort into it until it's game time.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Potato Chips

A classic staple in your post-season schedule and your snack cabinet. You never have to ask if they're going to be there, you just kind of assume because why wouldn't there be chips?

3. New York Giants: Nachos

Nachos have it all: chips, salsa, and everything you could ever think of covered in melted cheese goodness. A top contender to the patriots and buffalo chicken dips in terms of personality.

4. Los Angeles Rams: Guacamole

Guacamole is basically an avocado that only realized its true potential once you gave it an 80's movie style makeover. Now they're the new kid in town who everyone is losing their marbles over.

5. Seattle Seahawks: Wings

You just naturally expect wings to be at any football gathering, and you naturally expect the Seahawks to put on a show. Throw in the some sauce for zing (aka Russel Wilson)

6. Dallas Cowboys: Quesadillas

Some people react with "YESS, QUESADILLAS" but other people just aren't a fan of Mexican food. To each their own I suppose.

7. Philadelphia Eagles: Pizza

No matter where you go, there's at least one pizza who asks about pizza. No matter where you go, there is at least one person who is a die-hard Eagles fan.

8. Atlanta Falcons: Hot Dogs

Excellent and delicious in their own right, but always smack talking the buffalo chicken dip because is it even that good?

9. Cleveland Browns: Carrots and Celery

Because nobody wants to eat them. Sorry.

Whether your team is competing this weekend or not, at least you have snacks to gorge on in the mean time.

**Shoutout to Nicholas Conrad for his amazing ideas and contributions in order to help me create this article. You're the best!

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