Here Are The 2019 NFL Regular Season Week 1 Game-By-Game Predictions You'll Need
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Here Are The 2019 NFL Regular Season Week 1 Game-By-Game Predictions You'll Need

The 2019 NFL regular season has arrived, and it's finally time for some football.

Here Are The 2019 NFL Regular Season Week 1 Game-By-Game Predictions You'll Need

After a long wait, football is finally back! With both college football and the NFL starting up, many people have lots to look forward to over the next few months. There's a lot to get excited for with the NFL this season: a new-and-improved Browns team led by Baker Mayfield that looks like a legitimate contender, a Super Bowl-hungry Chiefs team that looks for revenge after last year, and the always-dominant New England Patriots. Here are my predictions for all the matchups from Week 1 of the season.

Packers vs. Bears | Packers 10 - Bears 3

At the time of writing, the opening Thursday Night Football game has already been completed, with the Packers winning ten to three in a game with frustrated offenses.

Chiefs vs. Jaguars | Chiefs 28 - 21

With the explosive offense that the Chiefs have, even with the Jaguars great defense, I still think Kansas City will barely edge out the Jags in week 1. The Jaguars with their newfound Nick Foles magic may make it interesting.

Falcons vs. Vikings | Falcons 27 - 21

Even though many experts pick the Vikings to win this game, I still side with Atlanta. The Falcons had a disappointing year last year because of injuries, but when they are at full health they are a scary team, so I pick them here.

Titans vs. Browns | Browns 33 - 21

Ok. I will give in. I am taking the Browns in this one, with a comfortable 13-point lead over Tennessee to show everyone what they have to offer. With all the excitement around the Browns this season, I see momentum shifting in their favor.

Bills vs. Jets | Jets 17 - 13

Even though Josh Allen has some experience under his belt, I think the Jets will take this one in a close game between two of the more average teams in the league. Who knows, we may see some life and potential from these teams in game 1.

Ravens vs. Dolphins | Dolphins 21 - 14

I like the Dolphins here, even though the Ravens are clear favorites. I think the Dolphins will show better run defense than their abysmal statistics there last year, frustrating the Ravens offense. Regardless, it will have to be a slim win for Miami.

Redskins vs. Eagles | Eagles 27 - 9

Carson Wentz is looking better and better each year and its hard not to see him and the Eagles just steamrolling over this Redskins defense.

Rams vs. Panthers | Rams 31 - 30

Two solid teams with potentials in week 1? Check. This is one of the best games of the week, and is pretty much a tossup. I see both teams having a good chance to win, so I will pick the Rams and the Todd Gurley factor.

Colts vs. Chargers | Chargers 24 - 7

With Andrew Luck's shocking announcement of his retirement, the Colts definitely became weaker. They still have Jacoby Brisset, but I think the Chargers will win make a statement and win easily here.

Bengals vs. Seahawks | Seahawks 17 - 10

The Seahawks are definitely the better team, but I do not think they are the full-strength team they had a few years ago. They will still win this game, but not in certain comfort.

Giants vs. Cowboys | Cowboys 24 - 21

This game features two of the classic NFC teams, evenly matched on both sides of the ball. I truly think that Dak and Zeke will lead the Cowboys to victory, but only if their defense can stop Saquon Barkley.

49ers vs. Buccaneers | 49ers 30-20

I am going to make a bold prediction and say the 49ers will be dominant this year. I see them going 10-6, winning their first game against a Buccaneers team that will continue to play poorly.

Lions vs. Cardinals | Cardinals 23-10

I think Kyle Murray will make a good impression this year for the Cardinals and be the missing link they need to get their offense going. With the Lions poor pass defense, I think Kyle Murray will have a great first start and take home his first victory.

Steelers vs. Patriots | Steelers 28 - 27

This is easily going to be the game of the week for me. An intense rivalry between two of the historically best franchises in football is the perfect way to start off the season. I take the Steelers by just one point; I really have faith that they will pull this off.

Texans vs. Saints | Saints 24 - 13

I may not be a Saints fan, but they are on a different level than the Texans. They want to repeat as NFC South Champions and Drew Brees' experience over Deshaun Watson will give him an important first win.

Broncos vs. Raiders | Broncos 24 - 13

Denver's defense has always been above average, with their offense being okay at times. With the Raiders' weak O-line and Denver's pass rush, I see the Broncos on top.

All information can be studied in-depth at this link.

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