Best Places To Visit In New Zealand

If you enjoy traveling around the world, then you probably want to visit New Zealand sooner or later. You might even currently be planning to visit or move to New Zealand. Just like with any state or country, you want to know where you should stay. What are some of the best places to in New Zealand to visit and explore? Here are ten places to consider for your trip to New Zealand.


Queenstown is known for the place for sports such as jet boating in rivers, skiing, and bungee jumping off of the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge. There are mining towns which are available to explore. You can ride a Skyline Gondola up to Bob's Peak to get a view of the Southern Alps along with Lake Wakatipu. There's a Queenstown Trail that will take you through lakes and rivers, and a Routeburn Track that will take you on a mountain hike. Queenstown is a great destination to relax and be out in nature.


If you're a big city person, Auckland can be a place to visit. It's based around Viaduct Harbour which has bars and cafes. Visit the park of Auckland Domain to see an extinct volcano. There are several attractions available such as a museum, shopping and market that sells food and crafts. There's an aquarium that lets you go snorkeling with sharks if you're looking for some excitement. The Sky Tower at the center of it all offers bungee jumping and views of the city below.

Waitomo Caves

Waitomo Caves is a village with an underground cave system. Glowworm Caves is, as its name suggests, a cave full of glow worms lighting up the place. Kiwi Cave has rafting and Piripiri has a cave walk. If you're interested in having cave adventures, check out Waitomo Caves. There are several attractions to make up an underground adventure. There's also a kiwi conservation you can visit.

Bay of Islands

There are over a hundred islands with beaches, wildlife and water activities. There are several fun things to do throughout the many different islands. There are also various attractions to visit. Everyone should be able to find something that appeals to them.

Abel Tasman National Park

For those searching for nature areas, Abel Tasman National Park has beaches, trails for hiking and plenty more. From camping and kayaking to exploring caves, there are lots of outdoor activities. One of the many places in New Zealand to spend some time in the outdoors. It doesn't matter if you prefer just to relax or want to get some exercise. There are plenty of options available for both.

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is the name of a town and the actual lake it's located on. Shuttle services run to Christchurch and Queenstown where there are resorts to stay at. Aside from the lake, there are several tourist attractions available. There are observatories and spots for star gazing if you're a night owl. There's plenty to explore if you like the outdoors.

Fox Glacier

Here is another nature area to visit. If you want plenty of nature areas to visit, New Zealand is definitely a go to destination for it. There are lakes, hiking and a few glacier lookouts. Just like all the other places on this list, it's a good destination to relieve stress and have an adventure.

Hot Water Beach

New Zealand has plenty of lakes, parks and beaches, so here's a beach. There are hot springs under the sand which is why the beach is called Hot Water. The hot springs seep through the sand during low tide and holes can be dug to let in cool seawater. There are bays and other marine areas to explore for a fun and interesting adventure. Gemstone Bay has a snorkeling trail and Stingray Bay has marine life (assuming stingrays as its name suggests). All bays have beach areas for some quiet and relaxation.


Anyone interested in visiting the city can check out Hamilton. There's a park known as Hamilton Gardens that has a variety of different styled gardens to visit. The Waikato River has parks to visit and lets people kayak and cruise on boats. Lake Rotoroa is surrounded by paths for walking and taking yachts. Other attractions include a zoo, art gallery and various restaurants and cafes.


The Marlborough region is known for being a wine making industry. Also well known is the network of waterways, islands and peninsulas that make up Marlborough Sounds. Within the Queen Charlotte and Kenepuru Sounds are a walking track that includes forests and coves. The Queen Charlotte Sound includes ferries that will take you out on a cruise to see marine life such as dolphins and whales. Marlborough has everything needed for a fun and relaxing adventure.
New Zealand has lots of outdoor and nature locations to visit. Whether you have a trip planned to New Zealand or not, it's definitely a good country if you need to get away.

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